“Original Thoughts”

Charles Peguy stated: “It is the essence of genius to make use of the simplest ideas.” Peguy does not say complicated ideas. He has the emphasis on simplest of ideas. We humans can complicate things.

For instance, on one occasion I contacted a tech support person with a technology issue. In the conversation with a techy I quickly became frustrated by his explanation of the tech problem I was experiencing.

Furthermore, his answer was worse than the problem. He doubled my dilemma. I could not understand the explanation because his words sounded foreign. Definitely, he was talking in programming language and not relating to me. I finally excused myself from the conversation and contacted the person who set up my web page. He spoke in relatable language. Tech issue was resolved.  

Sometimes it is us who sound peculiar to others. We may be expressing an original idea or a goal we would like to achieve. On one occasion I told a gathering of people I have successfully written letters to God before the holidays set in.

In the communicative note, I list what I want the holidays to look and be like. What my hopes and dreams are for family happiness and unity. And finish it off with positive words and affirmative thoughts picturing the holidays as happy and safe for loved ones and friends. 

I expressed these ideas of writing a letter to God with the group of friends. One of the individuals piped up, “No do not write to God, commune with God.” The person was not for the idea.

I couldn’t help but be somewhat jarred by the power of her conviction as she shared her viewpoint. I thought to myself, “Sure we are to converse with God, the Divine Spiritual Presence. Yet our ways are personalized to who we are.”  

My inner thoughts to self continued. But, it has worked for me. My letter has out-pictured literally in what some would say miraculous ways. As it so happened, one year when Christmas was approaching it looked bleak for the chances of seeing my grand niece for the holidays. She normally stayed with us for a few days of absolute fun and Christmastime celebration.

I was worried over the family divisiveness going on and feared she would not spend the precious time with us during the holidays. I wrote out my concerns in a letter to God. Spelled out my inner doubts and wishes. The impossible happened that Christmas as the mother had a change of heart and my grand niece and our family had a wonderful, joy-filled visit together around Christmas.  

People will have their opinions and will not sometimes agree with our individual approach to dilemmas in life. We are each unique, particularly when it comes to prayer, affirmation and our communications, worship styles and connections with the Divine. 

On these occasions, we have to be determined inside to honor someone else’s point of view. And, importantly accept what works best for us. Our prayer life, ways of connection with our Divine nature and presence may look and be different, and probably is, from others. 

We are to take heart, and follow the directions of our individual guidance and method. It is original to us and coming from inner guidance. Our style of spiritual communion is priceless and needs our validation, love and guardianship. Use what works best for self. That is our mantra.

These practices are special to us and resonate with our particular background and spiritual views and understanding. It will be moderately or very different from others. We are to follow the inner guide and commune with our interior holy spiritual nature in order for the riches of heaven to pour and flow through us and our life events and experiences. 

Validate who you are and the notable and distinct humanly-spiritual being you are.

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