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Our Dreams, Part One of Three

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.”  ~Edgar Cayce. Dreams are a significant part of our mind, emotions and consciousness. They take place for a reason:  To relate something, to teach us, guide, process stored energy such as strong emotions, to heal and warn us. They are worthy of our time and attention. Therefore, observing our dreams can offer expanded awareness into […]

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Our Dreams, Part II

People in our dreams represent something. The prominent Unity Minister in my foretelling dream, signified the voice of authority in me. And, the authority could be trusted. It gave the dream and the authoritative messenger authenticity and integrity. So the dream was believable therefore. We may ask what the dream gave me: For one, the dream felt factual during and […]

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Our Dreams, Part III

If a vision or a collection of thoughts form as a vision that is unacceptable to you, change the vision to a positive scene, making a new vision of an acceptable and agreeable pictured image. We are ultimately in charge of the ideas, thoughts and images we hold and support in consciousness. If they are not in alignment […]

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