In the first person and present moment I breathe deeply and know I am more than a worthy individual. I am deserving. There is an unlimited, flourishing quality and potency to the meaning of deserving. I claim my boundless nature as not only human, I am inherently Divine. Spirituality is my rightful nature.  

I am accepting of the full measure of my humanity and the spiritual potency harmonious and expressing in concert with the human nature I am.

There is a purer love, a wiser wisdom, a higher grace, a deeper vision to my life than appearances reveal alone. I am Divine with every capability of the spiritual greats that have lived from a prosperous Divine Self.

If I have lost something, when I need guidance, I give way and ask Divine Mind to provide clear knowing and direction. I let go in certainty and let the higher wisdom within me provide the answers and the greater solutions to that which I am in need of. And so it is, Amen.

I accept my spirituality, my whole self and grant it full permission to grow and bloom in and through me and my life. I am deserving of the Kingdom of God, Jesus and other master teachers have spoken of and demonstrated. I am free and reveal the regeneration and wisdom of the full measure of life and intelligence in, as and through the human and Divine capability I am, Amen.

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