“Stretching Beyond your Inadequacies”

“Fall forward, in your failing, and rise up with a soul on fire!” – Michael Beckwith

Life is made up of mountaintop experiences along with valley episodes and life experiences in between. We can learn and expand regardless of the experience. Rev. Beckwith has a clue—to reconnect with the fire within ourselves that continues to be untouched through some of the greatest disappointments of our lives.

In Divorce, when doors close, when sadness feels like it could break us, when people abandon us, we are given the strength to go on, the uplift when we give up to the power and presence within, ever beholding us in the highest image and greatness. We have this to emerge into.

Furthermore, it is the newness beyond the death of the old. It is the presence of light pushing beyond past the darkness. When we unite with the faith and fire of Spirit inherent, we let go of the lesser for the greater experience awaiting. The vision of gloom is replaced with the fortitude of faith propelling us with grace into a new day and renewing in-look.

There is an acceptance and a calm, moving through our consciousness extending into our life experiences after the storms of failings and heartaches. The life force within us has a renewable quality in place– healing and well-being, creating and recreating are commonplace and out-picture the restorative activity within, our pattern of wholeness, our DNA.

An inspirational story teller spoke of a caretaker who was fired from his job because he was unable to sign for important mail delivered while the estate owner left him in charge to receive the awaited mail. The caretaker did not know how to write. In anger, the owner fired the caretaker.

Meanwhile, the now unemployed caretaker had a family to feed. He took odd jobs and sold various items and provided multiple services to earn money. His goods and services business eventually grew into a successful store with countless satisfied customers.

As time passed, the caretaker’s sons inherited the robust business when the former caretaker decided to retire. They asked their father if he would secure a loan in order for them to expand the family business. The retired caretaker went to the bank, asking for a loan on behalf of his sons.

The banker quickly offered the father a loan and asked him to sign the necessary paperwork to complete the loan transaction. The caretaker looked at the banker and said I cannot write.

In astonishment, the banker asked the retired business man and caretaker how it was that a successful entrepreneur could not write and sign his name. The father answered, “If I could write, I’d still be a caretaker.”

We can be assured that our flaws and disappointments in life, lead into our greatest discoveries, successes and adventures, uncovering new and dormant talents and gifts providing fulfilling, creative outcomes and achievements.

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