“Which Self?”

It’s a changeable time of the year. Late summer gives way for the autumn cooler season and almost time for Halloween on the 31st of October.

I was recently giving out flyers throughout the community of churches, businesses and residents to inform the locality of the Fall Social Ministry towel, blanket and bedding Drive and Give-Away.

As I drove to the School System Education Building, I reminded myself to be me, the loving and genuine me. It felt good to know the real me was enough and OK.

Everything went well. They granted permission for flyers to be circulated throughout the educational system of our town and surrounding area.

Nonetheless, my question to self is good to remember. We have many roles and character expressions and personas. Our real self is the best. It cannot be duplicated. Our individual self is original and desirable enough. 

We can be the bewitching self, the part of us revealing our charisma and mysterious nature. Or we might be the cleaver one, having an answer for every question. We might show up as talkative or the one with a listening ear to people.

Some days we might not be smiley, other days we smile so easily. Sometimes we feel like the know-it-all, the compassionate one or a person in need of a hug and a friend to talk to. Each one of these expressions is fine.

And yet, with each of the varied selves there is one real self of us. Emily Cady in her classic Lessons in Truth teaches of our individuality and personality. Our individuality reveals inner light, love, sincerity and holy charisma. Our personality is changeful. However our individuality is stable and grounded in Spirit.

The self that wins the day is our true self (our individuality), who we really are. It is no act, no changeable mood, or impressive portrayal. It is who we are inside, our whole and vibrant self.

I salute your individuality. It is special, original and brave. Be you, it is more than good, it is your blessed nature. It is desirable and welcome. It’s always the time to be who you truly are.

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