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Today’s Quote: “The Universe does not compensate individuals based on the activity of work, but on the activity of consciousness.” — John Randolph Price

Prosperity Affirmation: “Thank you Divine Spirit and Source for today’s daily manna, sustenance and strength, Amen.” RevFrieda

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Truth Messages Section

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“A Prayer on Heart Healing, Physical & Emotional.” The one Presence and Power is an abiding essence and life Source of my being. My heart beats and the pulse hums with the rhythm of divine joy and peace.

Any emotional baggage I have been carrying and maintaining in consciousness, I now release, give up to God. Additionally, I let go of concerns and discord over circumstances or anything and anyone. I continue to practice release of ideas, images and thoughts which bind, agitate or disturb the harmony and serenity of my mind, body, heart and attitude.

I now open whole-heartedly to the unconditional loving Holy Spirit flow of pure life circulating, filling, cleansing and replenishing, a pure life circulating a radiant energy of vitality continuously throughout my body temple.

What’s more, I am given a revitalization of life blood swimming and dancing everywhere in my physical abode. Simultaneously, I feel the quickening of emotional release everywhere within me along with an in-filling of the Christ-like peace: I am stable, secure within myself and feel as if I am a new creature in God’s caring presence and soothing life flow. 

I take a few deeper breaths and move into a few moments to minutes of the quiet of prayer…..

The beloved life-force, making up my multi-dimensional self adores me. I lift into an expanded acceptance of how precious I am to God. 

Thank you Divine Presence for restoring and healing me now. And so it is, Amen 


Advent Truth Message: “Faith.” “Things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” — Hebrews 11:3 KJV.

The Advent Season invites us to anoint ourselves in the Divine Ideas as they come alive so dearly at Christmas time — the Divine Ideas of Faith, Love, Peace and Joy. These qualities can be reborn in us sparkling new in the Christmas season. We take our lead from the light of wisdom Jesus expressed and lived as he walked the earth as a spiritual healer, mystic and great Awakened Soul over two thousand years ago.

As we revisit and reawaken anew to the treasured quality of Faith inside, what comes to mind? Perhaps we may recall our child-like faith we easily portrayed and demonstrated as a young tyke. Perhaps some of the innocence and ease of youthful faith continues to reveal itself in us from time to time. It is a quality of trusting faith worth valuing as an adult since our early faith rises easily in us without thought, intellectual question or reason. Faith is an inner and innate understanding and available ability we have not only for Sundays or when we are in a holy building; we have faith for all-time.

Faith is a daily present we give to ourselves and convey to others. People want us to have faith in them. When we do we help others wake up more fully to their inherent goodness, talents, skills and divine potential. Similarly, by stirring up faith in ourselves we are supporting our greatness and opening the way for our ‘imprisoned splendor’ to manifest.

Hence, especially this week from today through Saturday, we realize where we are in the moment with the spirit-filled idea of Faith. Who in our life needs the blessing of faith? What people challenge us? Could having increased faith in those individuals who stir us bolster our attitude and enable us to see their indwelling goodness and inner holy light — undaunted by their past or present behavior, attitudes or actions?

I first acknowledge I have plenty of Faith inside as a divine power, God given. I have a strengthened faith to shine upon anything, anyone, including myself and especially my loved ones, friends and those who are in my life frequently or seldom. Also, the dear ones who may cause a ruckus in me, I specifically go deeper within for the greater aspects of Faith, Love, Peace and Joy during the Advent Season and beyond as available spiritual qualities to exude. 


Daily Message: “Money has Ears.” Our money is living manifest substance. When we respect money, it blesses us and circulates easily and happily in our lives.

Similarly, when we exercise the habit of talking positively and kindly about our manifest source, money; it goes out from us as lustrous goodness and circles back to us in surprising and gratifying ways. 

Develop the habit of treating money with respect and gratitude as though it is a living and valued entity—because it is alive with dazzling God substance. Enjoy it; give it! Be wise and loving in its use.


Thanksgiving Message: There is much to be grateful for when we open our hearts and see with love. My personal blessing is for each one of you to not focus so much on what you have. Rather enjoy those things, events, moments and people present in your life. Partake of the laughable opportunities and chances. Offer your gift of attention to those little ones who bless you to the core of your being. Relish in good food and peace in your neighborhood. 

You may venture forth and shop. Even then there are abundant occasions to be kind, helpful, and patient as if you have forever.

Let me offer a belief: For every act of kindness you give, you activate the law of multiplication and an abundance of kind acts will be bestowed, given to you. The Golden Rule is always active everywhere on earth and directly were you are in any moment. Good is blessing you now. Enjoy your quiet interludes, family gatherings and all things in between. Amen


Truth Message: “Letdown or Divine Appointment.” Something or someone brings disappointment. It may appear out of nowhere without much or no warning. When our hopes and expectations evaporate it can feel terrible, downright discouraging. 

However, please believe me when I say this — we have an undaunted energy, call it a saving grace within, an affirmative voice inside you and I. Most of the time, grief even upset of any kind naturally brings us to reach inside for comfort or strength.

Furthermore, in times of dismay we are more open to hear an uplifting utterance from our inner nature. We may continue to be in disarray; yet we instinctively are willing to let the something which is untouched by human conditions, events and disposition uplift us. 

It is like the phone ringing at a time when we need to hear our sunny friend say “Hi, just called to tell you I had this urge to come over or chat with you now.” You are so grateful for the intervention and disruption from the gloomy mood and memory of the sorrow. The friend brings an opportunity for an improved state and outlook. 

Indeed, these moments happen to us. When they do it is the appointed time to say ‘Thank You’ to the power of Divine Love Omnipresent. 

In addition, these intervening happenings fill us with a transformative love that can nevertheless feel out of our reach covered over by sad news or presumptions. It is still present and comes through to minister to us in our low times, in those moments when we are more receptive to the divine appointment knocking at our heart and shining through the dark clouds.  

Disappointments and discouraging times do not last. We remind ourselves of that. The true and lasting quality of our humanity is the Spirit within us. Also called the Holy Spirit, movement of God in us and as the whole and lasting essence of who we are.

Would you join me in welcoming the overcoming power in each one of us. In you and in me. In every one we know, love and don’t know. There is a saving grace in the inner most part of us, pure and untouched by frailties and mortal occurrences.  

No circumstance, mischance, dejection, blemish or mistake in our lives can disrupt the savior, the light of God from coming through us and being available for us. Only we as individuals can choose to ignore or reject the renewing ability, the restorative quality inherent. However, ‘in a twinkling of an eye’ we can re-choose and with open arms and an open mind welcome the seeming angelic and Christ-like power to bless through us and come streaming to us.

We are enormously grateful for an omniscient power and personal God presence in us and mightily active in every facet and nuance of our lives and very existence, right where we are ever-present, Amen


Meditation for Every Day: This moment brings newness, freshness and release from attachment to left-over thoughts of the past, of a second ago. I liberate myself in present mind thinking and being. With a meditative tone and a decision, I invite calm and stillness to be realized in my entire nature — quieting thoughts, the physical body and feelings. 

I breathe with the idea of serenity and peace. Closing my eyes if that feels comfortable to do. Asking silently for my whole being to relax into the presence of Love and Light. With the intention to surrender to some moments of meditation, I deepen even more into quietness and calm.

There is a natural tendency for peace within me. I call on the quality of ease and bliss within to drench my self from head to toe, simultaneously surrounding me in an atmosphere of tranquility.

I continue with a sense of calm and stillness, and open to an inner receptivity of inner wisdom, an inside spiritual light of love and affirmation for who and what I am, an offspring of a higher realization, a finer being of light, love, power, intelligence and potentiality. I rest with knowing these precious innermost qualities are inherently natural and present.

I recall: I am a spiritual being, living in a spiritual universe; and governed by an indwelling spiritual purpose and reason for being. I rest knowing my higher nature and I are one. I am more than I thought I was. I am one who shines with divine presence and power. 

Life is for me, the Universe enfolds me and lifts my spirits. I see things from an inspired vantage point. I have freely united with the Source of life, the true essence of my being. I belong; I am cherished; I am restored.

Thank you blessed Divinity, Source, God, inner Presence of Light and Love. I rejoice in knowing God and I are One now and eternally so, Amen.


Truth Message: “Divine Protection and Safe Keeping.” There is an affirmation pronouncing — No harm comes to me and no harm goes out from me. I would like to ask for anyone reading this message please know my decree and prayer for you (said in the universal ‘I’ meant for all persons, each individual everywhere).

I am in the center of God’s presence and Divine power surrounds and indwells me. I call on the protective presence manifesting through all computer and electronic devices. Each computer, all cell phones are in the love and within the midst of Divinity’s care and keeping.

My electronic instruments and sources, my home, loved ones, automobiles, anything considered human vulnerabilities are living in the presence of God, operating in the center of an invisible yet mighty shield of protection bestowed by the greatest power there is — the Infinite and Personal Presence of God.

I rest assured I am strengthened by the feeling and inner knowing ‘all is well.’ A prayer conveying Divine protection, care and keeping is the Prayer for Protection. Furthermore, the Prayer for Protection by James Dillet Freeman was trusted enough by an Apollo astronaut, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin who in 1969 took the Prayer to the moon and back and was comforted by its living words. 

Any time day or night I can pray, know, embody and feel the God powered words of the Prayer for Protection: The Light of God surrounds me; The Love of God enfolds me; The Power of God protects me; The Presence of God watches over me; Wherever I am God is and all is well, Amen.

As important, I am receptive and heed the call of Divine wisdom, intuition and Spiritual Light inherent and ever with me, consistently guiding my every action, decision, and each avenue of communication ability and perceptive insight within and around me. I am so grateful, Amen.


Daily Message: “A Living Vision.”  Woke up November 9 facing my own feeling and realizing the inner need to call on the practices, values and principles I hold dear. While the second part of the realization is to respect the one half of the nation who voted differently than I.

What helps me is standing on the values of America, these United States, the Constitution and the vision of America we have each and all participated in creating — A Country of peace, freedom of speech, the right to love and be married to whomever we choose, a Country that accepts with joy those from other lands who come to America.

Yes, they need to be upright people and honor the laws of the land. Also to hold dear and to live the dream in their hearts, those great reasons of which brought them to America in the first place. I can talk–my immigrant Dad did just that.

A United States where we each have the freedom of choice to vote for whom we desire to lead our terrific Nation. The freedom of worship, of religion and separation of church and state. I woke up to a Country on Nov. 9th believing more than ever in our God given right to have a voice, be a loving person and accepting all others for what they value, believe and how they vote.

I love each American, every person in America. I know some of us seem batty right now. Healing is taking place however. I welcome and reach out to each culture, every religious preference and person. Let’s dance and sing together of harmony, peace and good-will.

Let’s above all want the greatest good for one another in the United States and including every person in the World–even when the ‘greatest good’ is different from our own. A Divine Presence sees us through this time of adjustment and healing — a reuniting of every heart with the unconditional loving heart of God, however we know the Divine Source to be, Amen.


Perceiving Question for today — “Powerhouse:” My Power, where is it and where did it come from? 

Our individual power has been inside us since before our birth, an abundance of it. It continues to be the energy and aliveness of our being. However, we can spend our power on a materialistic focus on things, over reaction, fear, worry, and gossip.

Look at self to come up with how you spend and/or give your power away. I’m not talking about giving our power over to a higher Essence and Divine Knower within and in the Infinite Universe. I am referring to when we look at someone else as greater than ourselves. We give our power away when we feel ‘less than’ the beautiful, capable and valued person we really are. Knowing who the Source of our power is brings us into a relationship with our inner and God-given power.

Yes, people will be more educated, better equipped in certain areas than we are, articulate perfectly and look really great. When our attention is on another and holding them up as superior is a good time to remember — we each have our greatness and we individually have our weaknesses. One reason why we need one another, even if we seem so different.

Our individual beauty, strength and unique abilities are what make us shine and be a light in the dark places within us and in the world. Valuing who we are is a daily blessing we give to ourselves and others because then we are available to give to them the gifts inside us. We too feel good about giving. Usually it is just what they needed. We feel the same way and often. It’s as if people know what one another need to uplift, to smile and to be heard.

Be your power; be seated in the power within you. Know you are a powerhouse by divine right, even in your weaker moments. So you show some weakness, we all do at times. It’s human. And it is Divine to rise, to repair and reunite with all that we are, Power-filled and replenished moment by moment when we know who and what our power Source is: Our glowing Spirit of God within, the image and likeness of the Divine inherent and becoming brighter and brighter in each of us.

In affirmation: I call on the power Source in the interior of my being. I recognize power is God given and constant. When I need more energy and vim and vigor, I ask and it is given. In gratitude for inner and ever-present Divine Power, Amen.  


Immediate Healing Idea and Prayer: Whatever my emotions or situation is today I choose to ask myself: “How can I see this Differently.” I take a moment and realize the One Presence and One Power is within and with me now and always. Whatever feelings, thoughts and emotions I have today I honor them, I do not try to suppress or devalue them. I let them be by accepting these energies and emotions coming up to be healed in my awareness. 

I realize they do not represent my total self. They are a part of me. I remain whole and well while I honor what feelings, thoughts and emotions come forward in me to be healed and to be accepted as just what they are — a part of emotional healing going on in my individual consciousness.

“How can I see this Differently?” I take the question into a time of stillness into a prayerful mind and heart right now. I let the question softly be. I let whatever feelings are present be what they are feeling, thoughts and emotions. Again, they are not representative of my whole self. I am an expression of God, Divine Spirit and one with a heavenly goodness within and as the fabric of my being. I am whole and I am love and loving. I fully accept and acknowledge the power of Divinity, the transformative Presence indwelling and of the nature and essence of who I am.

I rest in the stillness and recognize my inner power and capability of unconditional love and well-being. I feel a newness stirring, a kindness available to circulate through my thoughts, words and actions toward myself and toward others. I love, live and move in the Presence of love, wisdom and kindness and see things from a renewed perspective here and now. I am so grateful for expanded awareness, Amen.


Truth Message: “What Makes us Whole” by Louise Hay

“The biggest part of healing or making ourselves whole is to accept all of the many parts of ourselves. The times when we did well, and the times when we didn’t do so well. The times when we were terrified, and the times when we were loving. The times when we were very foolish and silly, and the times when we were very bright and clever. The times when we had egg on our faces, and the times when we were winners.

“All of these are parts of ourselves. Most of our problems stem from rejecting parts of ourselves—not loving ourselves totally and unconditionally. Let’s not look back on our lives with shame. Look at the past as the richness and fullness of Life. Without this richness and fullness, we would not be here today. When we accept all of ourselves, we become whole and healed.” 

Affirmation: “I accept myself fully, completely and wholly. — Rev Frieda King


Truth Message: “Dynamizing.” It has been said about us, we contain the energy, vibration and life of ‘Universal Power.’ I believe it is true. Carl Sagan said we are of star stuff. He also stated: “For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.”

What vastness? I perceive Carl to be speaking of our individual and incredible power and dynamism within each of us. He also no doubt was referring to the enormity, infinite and miraculous nature of the Universe, Universes and everything found therein. 

Take an example from the Chicago Cubs and their 10th inning rally on November 2. How the Cubs motivated their team power and winning spirit give us pointers for our own life and method for re-energizing ourselves. The Cub team players gathered together during the 17 minute rain delay and motivated one another. Right fielder Jason Heyward gathered his team. They united their vitality and desire to win.

One thing more, they capitalized on their undefeated spirit and unwavering determination to go on and win the World Series 2016. Another thing they did — forgot about their losing streak of over 100 years for winning the Baseball World Series.

So we begin anew, bring like minded and motivated people together, 2 or more and recall what you individually or as a team spirit want and desire above all. By the way, 2 or more gathered includes your partnership with God equals a dynamic duo of spiritual forces. Gather your individual forces and look to your inner gifts and abilities while at the same time recognizing the admirable people around you.

Therefore we value our potent aliveness and talent and agree with the same dynamic potentiality of every one else. We go on with an unbeatable spirit and win at bringing the best within us to whatever we set our heart of love and superb mind to do and accomplish with wonder-full success!


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Seasonal Message: The cool air is on its way along with Standard Time.  Plenty good weather can continue in November so enjoy the outdoors when the opportunity is available. Take in these remaining sunny fall days.   


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A Blessing–Wherever you are know there is a blessing within you and enveloping your life. Psalm 145:2 states–“Every day I will bless you.” Knowing this is so, feel the certainty of the blessing. You have a Divine endorsement and God’s approval is written in the cells of your being. Sense the power and grace of a blessing continuously inside you and with you.

Just as there is no place where Divine Presence and Power are not; the blessed inheritance of an Infinite Higher Power is intimate to you and flowing forth from your inner life Source and outer experiences.

Through the word of truth I accept my divine good.


Fall Ideas to Refresh and Circulate Good

Take a dawn or dusk walk by the lake, river, beach, or place convenient to your home. Or walk and exercise at an indoor exercise facility.

Enjoy the outdoors and the shades and colors of fall foliage, flowers, greenery, and shrubs.

Keep the mind on grace in action by giving thanks for at least 5 things in the day.

Donate to your favorite charity, summer and fall clothing, blankets and sheets for children and teens.

Treat neighborhood seniors to healthy lunches or snacks.

Prepare a fall gift basket of seasonal and healthful fruits, snacks and summer produce then give to a neighbor, a local food bank or as a thank you gesture to someone.

Gift a family in need a dinner, casserole, roast chicken, or mixed fruit.


Resource Section: What You Feel, You Can Heal; A Guide for Enriching Relationships, John Gray, Ph.D. Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Am? by John Powell, S.J. Counseling Resource: Prosperity and Spiritual Life Coaching available. Contact Rev. Frieda King for an appointment by phone. Spiritual resource: http://christianscience.com/prayer-and-health/inspirational-media/your-daily-lift. The Prospering Power of Love, By Catherine Ponder.

New Resources posted: www.dalailama.com/messages/compassion. http:// www.joelgoldsmith.com/meditation.html by Joel S. Goldsmith of The Infinite Way. Jesus in Blue Jeans; A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality, by Laurie Beth Jones. https://www.eckharttolle.com/article/Spiritual-Awakening-Of-Eckhart-Tolle. Prayers of the Cosmos by Neil Douglas-Klotz. http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/the-most-delightful-therapy-ever-offered-was-free/. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-16452/6-simple-meditation-techniques-for-real-people.html

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