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Today’s Quote: “The Divine Lifting Presence is in the Center of our Concerns.” — RevFrieda

Prosperity Affirmation: “Prosperity is one with love. On the plane of the Highest universal unchangeable love, not selfishness and greed, is the key to prosperity.”—Annie Rix Militz

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Truth Messages Section

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********************* Lenten Quote: “In the quiet moments of everyday life, I find the place of grace where new life is born.

“Truth Message: “Anytime Prayer.” –I salute the divinity within me. Breathing more deeply, I take 3 or 4 full breaths reaching into the core of my abdomen. Giving thanks, I am appreciative for the beginning of spring, for the waking up and bursting out of new life of greenery and the world of nature. Simultaneously, I feel a new energy and aliveness inherent.

Sitting in quiet prayer for about a minute or two, I rest in the idea of renewal and doing nothing……………….

Harmonious with a new awakening of life, I realize a renewed life motivated within me. In support of fresh life emerging inside me, I promote thoughts, feelings and ideas synergistic with vitality and inner regeneration out-picturing. I say yes to divine good and no thanks to anything detracting from life, growth, peace and love.

I enjoy springtime as well as flowing with changes cropping up day by day. I let the life force and intelligence of my being guide and bless through me. In the fullness of gratitude I surrender to the divine essence that lives in and around me. Too, I honor the vigor of life within every one, all of nature and everywhere present, Amen.


Peace Quote: “Wake up the cells of your being to peace. They will vibrate serenity when you entertain peace.” — Revfrieda

Truth Message: “Mystical Peace.” Peace supports our foundation of well-being, healing, prosperity and happiness. An essential quality of who we are, peace is made of spiritual substance and light. Both experiential and invisible, peace is a manifest divine idea. When we have peace in our heart and home, bliss is present and evident. 

On the other hand, there are distractions to peace. If you and I pause for some moments we will name many of the ways our inner and outer peace diminishes from our heart and environment where we are. Inner peace is worth our willingness to nurture inside ourselves the many ways we express peacefulness. 

Personal Peace, even peace anywhere, can be likened to a butterfly, fragile, beautiful, yet at the same time remarkably transformative and symbolic of our own metamorphoses.

In the opening line I tell of peace and its importance in our life. Also of it’s delicate nature. Hence, how can we strengthen our relationship with peace and promote its companionship?

I have found the many avenues leading to relaxation also lead to peace — a spring walk in the woods or out in nature. A day in the sun or doing gardening. Praying and asking for comfort and peace, focusing on God’s love with and within us. Acting in compassionate ways. Giving something away. Repeating and sitting with one of Jesus’ peace sayings: They are filled with harmony, ease  and power. 

Decide to embody calmness and be the expression of peace and a peacemaker for a day or a duration of time. Seek to be a person who brings peace into a room. Or realizing through recognition the presence of God within you and present wherever you are. This activity ushers in peace.

Peace is a personal gift giver. It uplifts and restores us and whoever we are with and touches in meaningful ways whatever we are doing. Peace is of God and inherent in us. Peace is the essence of a flower, of gentle and steady rain. Peace is active with children at play. When artists create they can feel great peace. Meditation births cherished peace. Be kind; it brings peace.

We can also hold the idea of peace being present everywhere and possible even in the center of discord. One person acknowledging God’s presence of peace can bring calm and love forth in self and others.

Practice knowing peace for our inner and outer health and wholeness. When we give peace attention it grows within us and expresses in our face, mannerisms, our work, lives and relationships. In this way, we bring more peace into a world very hungry for peace. 


Truth Message: “Lush Green.” Today is colored and splashed with vivified green. Mother nature is popping tender, rich green accented with colorful displays of flowers and various shades of fresh, green leaves.

We embody green today. In our travels and endeavors may our way be blessed with green lights for clear passage. May our wallets become full with Green currency and serendipitous surprises of green money.

May the way before you literally be lit with manifest God light. And may you feel accompanied by loving, guiding and playful companions. May today be full with blessings of the heavenly kind so as you feel contented and peaceful — surrounded in beams of happiness, friendships, upbuilding conversations and intimate fulfilling moments of celebrating the abundance of lush green, popping up everywhere you are. Thank you endearing Divine Presence, Amen.


Truth Idea: “Divine Justice.” Divine Justice is first a divine idea which at its essence is the power of love and wisdom pure and originating of God. The idea of justice born of spiritual light changed character and definition from Old Testament (OT) time on into New Testament (NT) stories and writings.

The Divine super being, God was vengeful, destructive and all-powerfully scary in the Old Testament. Albeit sometimes the (OT) God was compassionately loving and kind with generosity and care.

Jesus, through the writers and stories of the (NT) clarified and reimaged Justice into the manifestation and spiritual activity of grace and unconditional love. Divine Justice was a quality of a loving and forgiving God, one who would wipe away our missteps, actions and mistakes with a Divine eraser, giving us a clean slate and new beginning.

There was and is a catch — that we repent and change our error ways. Today we call the process of repenting as realizing our mistakes and release the guilt, learn the lesson and live renewed expressing love, wisdom and good works for the betterment of ourselves and humanity. 

We can revitalize our understanding of Divine Justice. Whatever our idea of Infinite wisdom and recompense may be, come to know it is the action of a loving God to bestow to its loving and learning offspring pure love, grace and freedom from past misjudgments and mistakes.

In daily life we can align with Divine Justice in any legal involvement, when we feel something or someone is being unfair to us or a loved one or person we know. Pure spiritual Justice can be activated at any time and during times of loss and hardship. It is always available within us and our life experiences. 

Furthermore, we have a foundation of power-filled Divine Justice of love and wisdom, grace and the divine will of good inside us and forever in our midst. By calling upon Divine Justice the aliveness of the idea will fill our hearts and the minds and actions of persons, places and manifestations with the highest care, good will, intent and outcome in legal and concerning  matters, and helpless/hopeless situations.

We give thanks for Divine Love and Justice that runs through our veins and entire life. We know  the activity of Divine Justice is equally for and within every person and life form everywhere. Amen, we are so grateful. 


Quick Transformative Practices: “Uplifting Treatment.”

I am more than flesh and blood, more than a changeable feeling nature. I am thriving potentiality, robust compassion and wise with Divine Wisdom. If something or someone lowers my state of being and mood, I take note. Then there is a realization I go with. “No one, no outer determent can alter the fine resilience of being at hand and as who I am.

I honor and resist not the deterrent, whether a person, a circumstance or object. Instead, I focus on the steadiness of strength and purpose inherent. Also I call things what they are. The power lies within me and cannot be taken from me. Seemingly temporarily perhaps, then in a flash of insight I realign with the mighty potential indwelling and give silent thanks: I am composed, peace-filled steadied with the words , “Peace be still.” I let go to the thriving potent power inside. I am restored. No one or no thing can touch or take away this inner power. It is God given, Amen.


Truth Message: Attitude Shift. The day can begin up and soon fade with the passing hours. We are sometimes like the new Spring flower drooping from the wind, hot afternoon sun or pelting rain. Yet the same flower can perk up, raise up with its inner stamina and stand firm displaying its fullness once more. 

The flower does not have a choice to take cover or physically move from one position or place to another. We humans do. The self-help era probably took the pulse of a human being. Or observed people and realized there was a need for homo sapiens to use more of what they were capable of, especially in times of greater stress and changes in general. 

Interesting how the self-help book industry has not lost its luster. We have demands, challenges, quick turns in a day and pattern interruptions and appointment changes regularly and as daily occurrences. 

During the time I was a church staff counselor and spiritual teacher, I had a call from an individual who was part of the congregation. He asked how he could change a negative thought. He stated: “How can I stop thinking this way? It is occupying my mind and draining me.” We talked on. 

In the conversation, I shared several ideas and helps in guiding his mind to replenishing his in-look and outlook. Also communicated what helps an individual continue living from a sunny frame of mind rather than a dreary and downcast one. 

For one thing, when we are in a negative state, we must give ourselves the room and be patient with the process of turning our mind and also feeling nature around to a more sunny and rosy view of ourselves and things in general. Especially if it is one major thing we are focused on. We can help ourselves be more creative and energized with a view that life is on our side.

In addition, when we affirm to ourselves, we are never alone in any perplexity or predicament. There are hundreds if not thousands who have felt as we feel and faced much worse things and triumphed. We can also. 

We have the power and sparkling aliveness within us to change a thought, to move in a positive direction, and to provide ourselves with positive self-talk of the uplifting kind as a reminder of how much we as individuals have to be grateful for.

As we remind ourselves of the inner reservoir of energy and unlimited bank of divine wisdom and ideas at hand in our intelligence capacity to begin and use to solve the problem before us. We can change a negative thought pattern by beginning to think one uplifting thought and phrase after another. We may apply self-talk and a time in the quiet asking for divine help and guidance. We can ask God for immediate grace and forgiveness, for a shift in mood and thought. 

When we daily remember the feats we have pulled off, when we have risen up to the occasion. When we have stared a dilemma in the face and said, “I am greater than this problem; I do make the right and best decisions, bringing about a satisfying solution.” And, I support myself by recalling often God’s grace is with me and great peace is my constant companion and transforming power healing old and tired attitudes, sagging feelings and low spirits.

In Prayer: Life is for me. I am more capable than I think I am. I have accomplished already in my lifetime amazing things and risen above many obstacles and looming challenges. I am one with the divine light and healing power of my being. I can do all things through divine strength that resides within me and streams through me. I uplift and rise above, facing life with courage and steadfast faith, Amen. Thank you beloved Grace, I am uplifted; I am grateful.

Additional Prayer taken from Truth Message “Life’s Lessons” moved to Truth Message Category:

I am one with the one, the source of untainted love and wisdom. I have awakened. Yet intuitively know more is yet to be revealed. The Treasures of Heaven rest inside me fully available in the here and now. In these moments of stillness, I join with the sweetness of peace and feel the comfort of an all-accepting love. I am renewed.

I feel the release and freedom from worldly concerns. I am love, power, gratitude made manifest and grace unfolding through me and everywhere I am. My God, my all I love you. I readily express the gifts of my nature as a divine-human being, Amen


Truth Message: “Experiencing the Kingdom of God.” In case we do not already know, we do not have to die to experience the Kingdom Divine.

Christianity’s Way-Shower spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven within us, in our midst. Stating it was not far off or in the sky somewhere. We might wonder how to experience or have a relationship with the Kingdom of God in our midst. It is a yearning within every person, whether known consciously or unconsciously. 

Most likely, we each have individual ways of experiencing God’s presence or kingdom. What is one person’s happening may not be the same for another. We are each unique in our companionship with the Divine Presence.

What helps I have found: Abiding in a sacred word or living from a quality we know to be packed with spiritual and higher vibrant energy — such as, Christ love, forgiving, life, grace, presence, generosity, appreciation, chanting, singing affirmations of Truth, in prayer, having great need or great yearning, being gifted  or receive without effort something meaningful and of worth. 

Hence, resting in a holy word can bring us into a feeling of closeness with God. Expressing and letting a divine idea work through us in our actions such as being grateful or the awesome quality of extending grace to another bring us into the state of heavenly vibes. 

Breathing slowly or rhythmically serves to open us and to feel a power so loving and beyond the human doing. The presence experienced does after all come to us and through us by grace. We feel and are changed for the better. Maybe even overwhelmed. 

Prayer, meditation, serving others with all our heart and giving them our undivided attention can’t help but bring on an experience of contentment, bliss, intimacy and the feeling of complete wellness. 

Wanting, thinking and feeling things of the mighty yet tender power beyond our earthly capacity are  the invitation and heart set to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven via knowing and experiencing.

Have a mantra such as — the Kingdom of God is in my midst. Or, ‘God, I know you are with me.’ Whether I am aware of it or not, God and I are forever one. How else could we feel love’s power for no obvious reason. We always deserve God’s closeness, companionship and blessings. We deserve spiritual insight. Simply ask with a child-like attitude of receptivity and innocence. Too, it may easily happen in an instant. 

When we give random acts of spontaneous kindness or give with no strings attached, as selfless giving we feel higher than the normal earth — we are on higher ground within and in an experiential way. For having our divine connection, the infinite nature inherent and with us is the greatest gift and quality we have. All goodness and divine attributes flow from knowing, feeling and sensing the presence of God. 

This is what the woman in the New Testament must have understood when she touched the hem of the garment of Jesus and was instantly healed. It is possible and here for us individually to feel worthy and ready for the divine to be known in and around us.

Blessings to you dear one in your openness to a realization of God’s presence and the all-ness therein.


Truth Message: A Transformative Practice, “The Light Treatment.”  We as individuals may be willing to admit possessing an active emotional being, one that can flair up when things seem crazy beyond our control.

Today we can take a fresh approach to anything, the news, daily events, personal and family changes and upsets–disruptions in general. We can be definite and coax our emotional energy to respond lightly, not careless or unloving. Respond as though we are in the presence of supportive angels and seen and unseen forces upholding us. We can decide to act from strength within us and give matters, news and snarls the light treatment.   

That is, respond to life’s many experiences and situations from a place of balance inside, centered in our luminous inner strength and power at our core.

Affirmation: Today I do more than practice I develop a new pathway in my brain and heart. I stand on an inner potential, turning automatic reactions into supportive and calmer responses and actions if actions are called for.  

I commit and respond to life’s many dilemmas with a higher and finer wisdom within. As a result the lighter treatment effectively uplifts experiences and people around us, including ourselves. Grateful for a reserve of interior Divine Light, I am one with efficacious solutions instead of more upset. In gratitude to a higher power indwelling and ever-present, Amen


“Psalm 90:14 “Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, so that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.”

Today’s Decree: I acknowledge a mighty and gentle power flowing through my body, feeling nature and in everything and everyone I see. I am in the center of a presence of wholeness, life, peacefulness, opulence, beauty, joy, intelligence and equality. 

There is an enthusiastic flow from my heart out into the day and all I do and wherever I go. I meet good, for this is a divine appointment day. I am here by divine right. And so there is a blessing at the core of whatever I experience, say and create. 

I acknowledge the magnificence within people today by first recognizing the significance and specialness of my loved ones. coworkers and people I see during the day.

It is divinely ordered to be playful, compassionate, give a listening ear, thankful, and appreciative, remembering the gift in the active and inactive moments of today. 

I tune into divinity at the center of my life and heart, knowing divine power activates and guides me in my living and being. I am filled with grace and gratitude for the loving opportunity to live and enjoy life unfolding; while I generously extend high regard to people and every life expression, Amen.


Evening Prayer, DW

God’s love inspires my dreams and heals me at depth as I rest in renewing sleep.

“You have been with me throughout this day, dear God, and I am grateful for life and for all that it brings. As I prepare to rest in renewing, regenerating sleep, I release any concerns about the day’s events or about tomorrow, because You are with me.

“Just as the sun is always shining on the earth after disappearing from my sight, You are always within me and those I love. I rest in the awareness of Your love that nurtures me and Your power that energizes me.

“As I prepare to move from the restful state of meditation and prayer to the restful state of sleep, I invite Your love to inspire my dreams and heal me at depth. May all the world be at peace in Your love on this blessed evening.”

And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone. Mt.14:23  

Taken from Daily Word, December 2005


Lent 2017 Daily Message: Wisdom by Rev. Frieda King

“Divine wisdom within illumines my way. As soon as we wake up each morning, we begin making choices. When we remember our union with God and our oneness with divine wisdom, we can make those decisions centered in wisdom.

“Everything shifts when we choose to align with divine wisdom rather than our ego minds. When we understand we have an innate inner wisdom beyond human knowledge, we can allow that illuminating light to move in and through us, guiding our decisions and experiences.

“In our thoughts and quiet times, in the inner peace and silence of prayer, we accept the wisdom of God present in us as the Divine Knower, as our constant guide. It is the golden light revealing insights, know-how, and discernment.

“Aligned with divine wisdom, we make sound choices and positive steps in transforming our lives.”

Lent 2017 Booklet “Be Ye Transformed.” Call and ask Unity Customer Care for your free copy–1-800-669-0282.


A Divine Blessing.” I live in the kingdom of God–the state of uplifting, protection, light, equanimity, peace, life and love-kindness. Joy fills me as I know Divinity is who I am and who my neighbors are.

I do something today literally or in an affirmative way to contribute to the well-being of another. I behold the individual wrapped in Divinity’s Presence and Light. I understand Spiritual and all-powerful protection is theirs.

They are kept in God’s safe keeping in their travels, while working, sleeping. At all times the dear person I uplift in prayerful thoughts and words is one with the higher nature of Divine Spirit. All is well with them. The sufficiency of God is their constant blessing and experience, Amen. In gratitude I rest assured.


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Seasonal Message: The February moon was aptly called “Snow Moon.” Interesting how during the month of February usually the snow fall amounts surpass the other winter months. Ironically though, small hints of Spring begin to show up in February. Take heart, Spring is not far away. Soon the outside temperature will begin to warm and green landscape will once again decorate the land.


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A Blessing–Wherever you are know there is a blessing within you and enveloping your life. Psalm 145:2 states–“Every day I will bless you.” Knowing this is so, feel the certainty of the blessing. You have a Divine endorsement and God’s approval is written in the cells of your being. Sense the power and grace of a blessing continuously inside you and with you.

Just as there is no place where Divine Presence and Power are not; the blessed inheritance of an Infinite Higher Power is intimate to you and flowing forth from your inner life Source and outer experiences.

Through the word of truth I accept my divine good.


Winter Ideas to Refresh and Circulate Good

Walk and exercise at an indoor exercise facility. Local Community Colleges offer affordable and discounted membership fees to local residents for Gym and indoor walking track access.

Enjoy the outdoors whenever possible. Another idea is to visit an indoor florist or nursery and enjoy the beauty. Or observe uplifting photos of flowers, greenery, and arboretums.

Keep the mind on grace in action by giving thanks for at least 5 things in the day.

Donate to your favorite local Social Services Ministry winter warm clothing, coats, blankets and sheets for children, teens and adults. Whatever you wish to circulate or have excess of donate.

Treat neighborhood seniors or homeless children and adults to healthy breakfast, lunch or snacks.

Prepare a winter or holiday gift basket of fresh and healthful fruits, snacks and fresh produce then give to a neighbor, local food bank or volunteer as a thank you gesture.

Gift a family in need a dinner, casserole, roast chicken, mixed fruit or another anonymous gift of your choice.


Resource Section: What You Feel, You Can Heal; A Guide for Enriching Relationships, John Gray, Ph.D. Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Am? by John Powell, S.J. Counseling Resource: Prosperity and Spiritual Life Coaching available. Contact Rev. Frieda King for an appointment by phone. Spiritual resource: http://christianscience.com/prayer-and-health/inspirational-media/your-daily-lift. The Prospering Power of Love, By Catherine Ponder.

New Resources posted: www.dalailama.com/messages/compassion. http:// www.joelgoldsmith.com/meditation.html by Joel S. Goldsmith of The Infinite Way. Jesus in Blue Jeans; A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality, by Laurie Beth Jones. https://www.eckharttolle.com/article/Spiritual-Awakening-Of-Eckhart-Tolle. Prayers of the Cosmos by Neil Douglas-Klotz. http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/the-most-delightful-therapy-ever-offered-was-free/. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-16452/6-simple-meditation-techniques-for-real-people.html

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