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Today’s Quote: “Life is ever giving of Itself. We must receive, utilize and extend the gift.” —Joseph Murphy

Prosperity Affirmation: “Right motives give pinions to thought, and strength and freedom to speech and action.”  —Mary Baker Eddy

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Meditation Corner: “I meditate on Spirit as the restoring power in every cell and organ, the pure holy Life of my body, as energy, vitality, and wholeness.” —John Randolph Price. Take these thoughts into a brief meditation before reclining for the night. Say the healing truth statement with feeling and faith as often as you would like.


Truth Message: “The Time of our Lives.” What is important to you? It is said by many writers, motivational speakers and professionals, ‘do what you love to do.’ Yet there are some things in life we have to learn to love or find the love and or worth in it.

Steve Jobs wrote: “…It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” If that is true and we believe it is a top valued element in our life, then when we combine it with doing what we love, we have a good formula to live by–respect time and have the time of our lives.  

To do what we love sometimes takes stepping out of time to discover what our heart and intuition are relating or showing us what’s next. We step out of time when we become mindful of the now and notice the present. When we pray and experience the stillness of prayer time is not a consideration or measure. When we do those things we love and get absorbed in what we are creating, being and doing, there is no time only sheer pleasure. 

Therefore treasuring our time and loving how we fill our lives are partners of happiness and bliss. 

What are your favored things to do? What are some new ones you want to take on as the summer season heads toward the fall months? Ask another question too — What helps you continue to be filled with aliveness and freshness in living life? 

Here are some tips to be alive with life and keep loving and appreciating yourself as you do. If a negative thought about yourself comes across your mind, change it. Tell the truth about yourself. Relate some special qualities and characteristics about you that make you beloved. Some of us are great care-givers, others have giving natures and warm smiles that easily are given to others. We have gifts. Remind yourself of your endearing ones!

Remember what’s important in life. For instance, being creative, learning, connecting with others, eating clean and healthy foods, exercising and so on…. Do what’s paramount to you. It might not be significant to your neighbor, so what. If some things are important to you, how wonderful. Those things make you the special person of the universe that you are. 

Steve Jobs had a motto he lived by and readily inspired others with: “Stay Hungry.” “Stay Foolish.” Many people thought Jesus was nuts, out of his mind. He seemed to be the type of person who hungered for a better world for people. Certainly, for his era, he had foolish ideas to the leaders—political and religious. One was, treat women with respect and equally with men. Gandhi had what was thought of as a foolish idea—to give his countrymen and women independence from British-rule. He hungered for this.

In living the cherished moments of our lives we can keep before us a question — do we love what we are doing. And are we keeping before us some great ideas and possibilities to live by and bless other people with by our undaunted and high-minded thoughts and ideas. All the while, we can feel blessed by given time enough to love and be grateful for having the time of our lives. 


Daily Message: “A Mindful Minute.” Bringing awareness to my body and making any realignment or posture adjustments. I am alert to the environment around me. Is it soft, pleasant, neutral, calm? Also, am I cool, warm, or needing a sweater?

Am I quiet within, at peace or pensive? I continue alive with awareness and reflect deeply sensing light within me…… 

Perceiving more, I let mindfulness relax thoughts, bring acceptance to the surroundings, and let love emerge from the inner luster of being.

I naturally acknowledge the healing power in peace and co-create wholeness. I am still and relaxed…… Peacefulness is, Amen.


Truth Message: “Respecting our Past.” The longer we are on earth also gives length to our past. We have had lots of experiences, met numerous people along the way. We have made decisions, some life changing and others major course corrections.  Yet, we are where we are in the present time. 

Let’s focus on keeping things simple about our past. Or the past may seem to take over, which is not the true purpose of former years. Sometimes things or people come up to do with our previous years and they take holt of us until. Until what?

The true value of the past — is it has given us insight, developed strengths and priorities in us. We are to make our past a beatitude for the present. I had something  come to me recently. A coaching friend saw where I had graduated High School and sent me a link to my graduating class. Mind you, this was five decades ago. Yet my classmates along with the high school and the accomplishment of graduating were special and valued by me.

I embarked on connecting to the graduating class. During which time of going through the names I noticed a favored classmate was missing. Questioning why I googled his name and up popped his obituary. Oh my. A class buddy of mine born the same year as I had passed away a year ago. It had been forty years ago since we last connected. He was special; but not that special to break an engagement with my soon to be spouse. We nevertheless connected warmly and parted respecting each other’s chosen paths.

Now I had his passing to process. I had missed our 50’th class reunion; perhaps a chance to catch up then. We are to value those things and people who make differences in our lives. We are to respect our feelings of loss and gain to do with events, happenings and people of our past. I tuned into my feelings and also what I was needing when learning of his transition from earth plane.

In this way we acknowledge our humanness and how encounters and people we meet along our path of life matter to us, to our growth as individuals. He added to my life; I allowed myself to feel blessed for knowing him. I also honored his life story, his family’s loss and how they wanted me to honor his passing, not by flowers — by donating money to the Disabled American Veteran’s Fund. 

I went a step further and sent a condolence card and asked for a family member to contact me to fill in a few questions I had about his life. They were easy ones. All this helped me grieve the loss and move on feeling I was a blessing and had been blessed by knowing him even for a little while. 

So, be grateful we have a past and know people, even in their passing these individuals can bring insights and great gifts to our present understanding and living. In taking the time to treasure life, our past, former people and decisions, we increase our life this second. We appreciate life in general, we deepen in our connection and empathetic union with one another. 

Furthermore, we each lose people along the way, we have made choices some of them not easy ones. Here we stand in the moment giving what we can, being attentive to who we are as humans with a divine spirit. And we take the time to do the most good today with what is given us to walk through, be blessed and complete. 


Truth Message: “It’s a Cop-Out.” During a High School 10 year class reunion, I shared with a good friend I was taking course work to become a Unity Licensed Teacher and loved it. I’m sure my enthusiasm for the program of Universal beliefs, laws and practices came through as I talked about them.

Then my friend said something both puzzling and piercing: “It’s a cop-out.” I responded, “No it’s not.” We talked some more and got distracted with the ongoing reunion event. 

Undeniably, my high school friend stirred something in me. At the very least I took the idea into my moments of contemplation and inner quiet times. What resulted from the statement he offered me? It blessed me. I used the statement as a sign to hold up so I would not avoid the things calling me to face and walk through. I kept another phrase uppermost in my heart — ‘thou shall not avoid what needs to be faced;’ ‘Face everything.’

Indeed, those things we want to avoid the most are the areas of our work, pointing to what we sincerely need to look at and face. For example, letting our feelings be heard; our ideas surface, listening to our inner heart and mind. What is our inner self relating to us? Let our inner voice be heard. Also, what are the responses and reactions of others toward us relating to us? And, how can we use feedback and inner wisdom for good?

Further, as I continued in my spiritual studies and living, I came to realize a positive, uplifting program is vital in expressing a whole and well life. A program offering to challenge us in the very areas we need to give attention to, offering a road map to heal, recover and raise into the light of understanding those disturbing and wholesome things within and without. 

Certainly, twelve-step groups, spiritual and religious talks, classes, our occupations, our relationships, friendships, seminars, education, retreats, group counseling, coaching, marriage and our own individual programs offer us insight and ideas to live by in creating a well-balanced and peace-filled life.  

Yes, my dear friend at our first class reunion gave me a lasting gift in responding with his little yet mighty phrase, “It’s a cop-out.”

When things stir us, there usually is good reason. When we mull the provoking things over in our mind, heart and still times, we receive inner knowledge, intuitions and confirmation in what to tweak, balance and center on in our day to day living. 

Truly, ‘face everything’ is a mighty phrase to live by. (Not to be over-whelmed, we set our individual pace of introspection.) In that way, we live life not dodging our earthly experiences, but witnessing how we lift our expression and purpose by moving through life’s challenges and glories wide awake and advancing our soul as we journey through life.


Truth Message: “Needs, Wants & Dreams.” Sometimes its seems we as individuals have an endless list of needs. At times we get preoccupied with our wants and start thinking they are needs. Then usually in our glum moments our dreams and desires of the heart reveal themselves to us. 

All in all, we are wonderful creatures with enormous abilities and power. Yet, we are fragile and feel broken sometimes. Knowing and appreciating oneself and for that matter others too, in whatever place we find ourselves is a happy accomplishment and self-supportive aim.

What helps, having patience with ourselves, never giving up on our dreams, and giving attention to our needs and wants. Furthermore, the poet James Dillet Freeman spoke of in a written piece about a human’s needs and wants. In his words of blessing he hoped our needs were met and some of our wants too. It impressed me he said — some — of our wants he hoped were met. 

Realistically, it most likely is a good thing a majority of our wants are not met. Giving us humans with spiritual potentialities big hints our wants completely met are not the significant point or purpose to our lives.

Our master teacher, Jesus, spoke clearly about how to prioritize the things of life and what is really important: “Take no thought for your life…” —Matthew 6:25. What is important? The inner certainty of our daily bread and daily sustenance. We are not only connected to a Source of all Supply, we are the place from which substance and daily provision flow. Why? because we are not separate from the Universal and present Source, we are where It is.

In conclusion, what makes us more than human, when we touch and begin expressing our Christhood, our divinity, we dream and honor our inner higher desires of bringing lasting blessings into being. In this way, our needs are met and we require less because we are united with our true purpose. We are more fulfilled as we unfold and bring into reality the grand purposes in our heart and in tune with our spiritual nature.


“Relaxation Prayer.” How many time have we read or heard — it is important to relax, important for your thinking capacity, health, fact retention, taking tests, giving presentations, doing our daily work, when speaking, attracting and maintaining friendships and relationships.

Moreover, relaxation seems as important as drinking enough water in a day, as getting proper rest, and feeling so much better in every way. Let’s relax into prayer:

I take five enjoyable breaths and let go into greater relaxation. I relax my fingers, my brow, my mouth, and entire face. I let my scalp relax. My breathing becomes relaxed. With each breath, I relax my skin, muscles, thinking. I relax my attitude.

What’s more — in this moment life is the way it is. I can breathe, swallow, smile, believe in myself, and calm my thinking. I am calm in thought, focused on the present, knowing all is OK.

In the natural quietness of a calm mind and body, I enjoy the stillness and the peace inside me. I am also grateful for a calm and relaxed body. I relax my shoulders even more and anything else needing looseness and freedom from tension. I am relaxed and moving into greater peace. 

Where, I find peace inside my mind, in my heart center and relaxed body. I find peace in images of peace inside and out, images and sounds of a peaceful rain, music, and in the depth of infinite space.

I am peace here and in what I am being and knowing now. I witness peace in nature and within a flower, in a child’s smile and someone’s laughter. I am peace without doing anything, just as I am now in prayerful restfulness. I rest ……………………………………….

I practice rest in my body, thoughts and life experiences. I practice rest, I rest, I am peace.

I develop the habit of relaxing often in whatever I am doing or not doing. I rest from work, overthinking and doing. I alleviate concern, having to be right or worry about another.

For, I know God’s image and likeness indwells me and is who I am. Divine Spirit is the saving grace within and with my loved ones now and at all times throughout eternity. The earth is holy made. The planet of people are waking up more fully to the Divine light of their being.

All is very well with me and the world. In gratitude I am relaxed, Amen.


Daily Message: “Openness and Resistance.” Sometimes we resist and for good reason, we hope. Other times we may sail along in our day being open, friendly and amiable.

Catherine Ponder writes about an interesting way to respond to people who may bother us. She states: “When people bother you in any way, it is because their souls are trying to get your divine attention and your blessing.” 

They probably have a need. The very least we can do for others is to express kindness in some form. Sometimes we want to do the opposite. However, we can choose and we have the ability to be forbearing and give them a blessing in some form. It’s the easiest thing to do — we can silently bless them, show a random act of kindness toward them, or shower them with our loving gaze. 

Today, let’s first of all love and bless ourselves and our life. Feel gratitude for what we have, even for what we don’t have. Be grateful for the Source of every good thing so near and dear within us flowing through us and enveloped in all of our life experiences. Consequently, feel prosperous and loved.

Hence, we have the energy of love and blessing resting inside us willing and waiting to stream through our every expression and out to people, places and material forms.


Truth Message: “A Water Scare.” “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” —W. H. Auden.

A friend and her family were going on vacation but not near the water. This was in hot July 2016 with a nine year old son. I could not imagine my friend not letting her son swim in the beautiful Texas Gulf waters. I’ve been swimming in it for years with much enjoyment.

Then came the avalanche of reasons my friend like an ice cube tray dropped in my lap why her and her family would not be going near the Texas Gulf waters. One account was of a man who lost a limb another lost their life all by swimming in Gulf coastal waters either in Florida or Texas as I remember from my friend and newspaper articles. 

Yet I could not locate one account of bacteria ridden Gulf waters in Texas. Nor did I find any printed newspaper stories of illness or death from swimming in the Texas Gulf.

The time came when my family prepared for our yearly vacation to beautiful Mustang Island, Texas near Corpus Christi. On the drive there I intended to ask the lobby personnel at the resort we would be staying at if it was safe to swim in the Gulf. They said it was OK. But just to be on the safe side — do not have any open wounds or weak immune system. The resort attendant assured me there had been no reports of anyone becoming ill or worse yet this summer from swimming in the Texas Gulf. I felt fairly assured but still had fearful pictures in my mind from my friend’s description of infected people from Gulf water bathing.

Mind you, I have been swimming in the Gulf since arriving in Texas in late 1979. And now standing in the Gulf water off Mustang Island beach with tears in my eyes and fear in my heart afraid to enjoy a swim. Just moments ago as I walked down the beach toward the water I began telling the Gulf water how I loved and so appreciated its warmth and existence. I knew it would not harm me. Besides once I got in the water, my intuition and the water itself would tell me if it was OK to swim in.

Now, it was decision time. I must decide to let fear conquer me or let my faith in everything I have come to trust guide me. Further, I recalled again how I have been swimming since a young child and how many wonderful swims I have had in the Texas Gulf waters. Spontaneously, I began to swim and fear melted in the sun’s embrace of the water and I in celebration of the sheer pleasure of life’s natural treasured elements.


Truth Message: “Take a Vacation.” We know it’s time for vacation when the daily routine seems stale and when our creativity and inspiration evaporate. It’s the time to take a vacation from regret when all you think about is how come and remorse.

Vacations, times set aside for spiritual reflection and rest from labor, are just what our soul and spirit yearn for and need. To refresh most everything in our lives and to gain a new perspective on things, plan for or schedule in a vacation the sooner the better. 

What’s more, we hear and read ‘Life is meant to be Good.’ For the good to return to our heart and life take a vacation from negative thinking, from feeling burdened or over stressed. Our jobs and duties are important; yet knowing when to pause and restore is one of the wisest and best things we can do to reanimate our life, ambition, creativity and outlook on life. 

Join me in taking blessed pauses and time off from life’s demands, predicaments and puzzles and take a vacation as promptly as can be done. 


Truth Message: “Old Age Mafia.” At least one time during the year we may think of age. Perhaps it is on or around our birthdays. I had a friend who refused to age. She would say aging is a lie. And she called the belief of aging the ‘Old Age Mafia.” She advised her friends not to buy into the beliefs of aging and the Old Age Mafia. 

Indeed, I couldn’t agree more with my friend. Aging is mostly about our perception of life and our attitudes we hold about the aging idea. After all, it is an idea not a fact. That is what I choose to believe.

Therefore, drawing on our wonderful power of belief, when we choose to continue inspiring ourselves and respecting the vitality and enthusiasm of the life that continuously lives in and as each one of us — we mature healthy and beautifully. We become wiser and have more to contribute to life because of our experiences, knowledge and learning we have acquired year after year. 

There is an article in Huffington Post that asserts some believe aging begins at 80, even 90. Here is the web address of the article: “http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/21/new-old-age_n_5365199.html.

Furthermore, I hold the belief aging happens to the degree we accept or reject the aging factor. We have an undaunted power of life within us and a capacity of regeneration within every cell and molecule of our holy body temple. Our mind does not age. Only a belief in old age may do that.

We can celebrate each birthday and year as having given our best while gaining much living and learning. We can be euphoric for the grace and beauty of God individualized as you, me and every human being. Why not celebrate and enjoy the presents within each day and feel overwhelmingly thankful for every moment of life and the education it gives. We can be happy living life each moment and with every breath, without giving much attention to our number of years on planet Earth!

Ageless Truth Affirmation: Egregiously, I greet every year, each moment as a cherished occasion to express life as new, in its fullest and at its best, Amen. 


The Presence of Prayer:”  I hear the present moment, the water gurgling as it reenters the pipes turned on again by the repairmen. I move from outer sounds and sights into the inner awareness of consciousness as it is now.

I am a breathing, whole and well expression living in Divinity as divine power lives in every aspect of my living and life. I am one and inseparable; I am a holy being. With this thought I rest more deeply within consciousness, within a peace that surpasses conditions and facts.

I am alive to the moment, alive with the life and revitalization of my God nature. I let rest take me to a place of stillness within my heart. Even with the blessings and tireless workings of the body, I relax in the spiritual heart at the center of my being. A peace and ease is realized in knowing I do not do anything alone. Divine power ignites me and runs through my life as a smooth and steady flow of Divine grace and transcendent light. 

I stay focused on the light that uplifts and restores…….In the stillness……………….

I am open fully to divine inspiration, love and life.  Peace be still……………………….I am anchored in God’s presence, enlighten in Divine knowledge and harmonize by remembering the calm within every circumstance and cell of my being, thank you beloved Divine Power, Amen.


Monthly Message: “Notable August.” The month of August 2016 is the last full month of summer. Even though the trend of public schools is to begin the school year in August and not the usual time after Labor Day. August also brings some of the hottest weather of the year and the most weed growth of the summer. The Anglo-Saxon name for August is “Weodmonath,” meaning weed month.

Yet there are plentiful fun days still left in summer offering alternatives to pulling the weeds in our gardens – a number of cultural festivals throughout the country are held in August. August is also national picnic month and romance awareness month.

Besides, the full “Sturgeon Moon” or full “Green Corn Moon,” aptly named by our Native American Tribes, promises to be a bright heavenly body on August 18th, casting its luminosity across the summer landscapes and bodies of water in North America. During the week prior to full moon, in the moon’s first quarter phase, there is the anticipation of the Perseid Meteor Shower on August 11 at 1:00 am.

Of interest, the Romans named what would become our eighth month of the year after the first Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar in 8 B.C.E. Likewise, August is the time for each of us to soak up the sun and treat ourselves like royalty and enjoy vacation days and summer jaunts to parks, favorite swimming and recreation sites before we get involved in our autumn agendas of tasks, projects and schedules.

Furthermore, there are no federal holidays in August. However our U.S. Houses of Congress have been on recess the entire month of August, including the last half of July. Albeit, our senators and congressmen and congresswomen are in their home states and districts of representation and hopefully allowing for some vacation time too.  

In addition, some notable days in August begin on August 3rd which is appropriately designated as National Watermelon Day. It definitely is the time to munch on watermelon to quench our endless summer thirst. August also has a Friendship Day set for August 7, which is coincidently National Lighthouse Day and also my birthday. In our summertime travels we may notice some landmark lighthouses along our way. Included in our eighth month, Women’s Equality Day is celebrated on August 26th.

In these last warm weeks of summer, let’s continue to enjoy the outdoors and the indoor relief of air conditioning. There are promising days ahead to perhaps schedule a brief solo or guided half or full day retreat or a few days for deeper insight and soulful restoration. Do enjoy your August and delight in the mystery and joyous anticipation of the graces and unsought blessings found in each day and every month.


Daily Message: The fall air is beginning to be introduced and felt as summer yields to autumn and harvest-time. While daylight savings time is here, we can enjoy the outdoor light and beauty. Make plans to enjoy these last warm days leading to our colorful and cooler seasons.  


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A Blessing–Wherever you are know there is a blessing within you and enveloping your life. Psalm 145:2 states–“Every day I will bless you.” Knowing this is so, feel the certainty of the blessing. You have a Divine endorsement and God’s approval is written in the cells of your being. Sense the power and grace of a blessing continuously inside you and with you.

Just as there is no place where Divine Spirit and Presence is not; the blessed grace of God is intimate to you and flowing forth from your inner life Source and outer experiences.

Through the word of truth I accept my divine good.


Summertime Ideas to Refresh and Circulate Good

Take a dawn or dusk walk by the lake, river, beach, or place convenient to your home. Or walk and exercise at an indoor exercise facility.

Enjoy the outdoors and the fullness of summers foliage, flowers, greenery, and fancifulness.

Keep the mind on grace in action by giving thanks for at least 5 things in the day.

Donate to your favorite charity, summer clothing, light blankets and/or sheets for children and teens.

Treat neighborhood seniors to healthy lunches or snacks.

Prepare a summer gift basket of seasonal and healthful fruits, snacks and summer produce then give to a neighbor, a local food bank or as a thank you gesture to someone.

Gift a family in need a dinner, casserole, roast chicken, or mixed fruit.


Resource Section: What You Feel, You Can Heal; A Guide for Enriching Relationships, John Gray, Ph.D. Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Am? by John Powell, S.J. Counseling Resource: Prosperity and Spiritual Life Coaching available. Contact Rev. Frieda King for an appointment by phone. Spiritual resource: http://christianscience.com/prayer-and-health/inspirational-media/your-daily-lift. The Prospering Power of Love, By Catherine Ponder.

New Resources posted: www.dalailama.com/messages/compassion. http:// www.joelgoldsmith.com/meditation.html by Joel S. Goldsmith of The Infinite Way. Jesus in Blue Jeans; A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality, by Laurie Beth Jones. https://www.eckharttolle.com/article/Spiritual-Awakening-Of-Eckhart-Tolle. Prayers of the Cosmos by Neil Douglas-Klotz. http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/the-most-delightful-therapy-ever-offered-was-free/. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-16452/6-simple-meditation-techniques-for-real-people.html

Well-Being Minded News Web Address: Goodnewsnetwork.org. Good News

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