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Today’s Quote: “I encourage self-appreciation and love within myself and for all people.” —Rev Frieda

Prosperity Affirmation: “Prosperity is one with love. On the plane of the Highest universal unchangeable love, not selfishness and greed, is the key to prosperity.”—Annie Rix Militz

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Truth Message: “Be Generous with your Joy.” I was watching a movie last evening about a woman and man, meeting at an airport and through odd circumstances as the storyline went, they shared a car to travel to Seattle and be home for Christmas.

During the trip the woman expressed more and more of her joy with the fairly reserved driver who was an undercover FBI agent. Even in the climate of his seriousness, she shared her joy—love of crafting, of Santa, of the holiday spirit in general. 

I know it’s not Christmas. Yet we can give our joy away any day or time of the year. With abandonment, I observed the woman pouring out joy throughout the trip. Her joy did begin to change the stoic male driver as he relaxed more and more and became increasingly happier while letting his FBI agent guard down. 

The point is joy does spread and has a positive affect on those around us. The woman in the story gained even more joy by giving of her jubilance. There is a principle in doing this. Time spent in a car on a road trip can be many things.

By giving her joy away she was more than doubling her joy. It affected the companion driver and the contagion spread outward to the people they met on the way. Hence, When we are generous with the gifts of our spirit, we gain more. The joy or whatever particular blessing from within us we share, comes back or forward to us multiplied.

Try this for yourself. Be generous with one of the gifts of Spirit within you. It can include tangible good or innate qualities of being. One of the secrets of success with this is not expecting a return. However, the return, or coming back to you multiplied, will be automatic. Let the gift go with no thought of return. The increased blessing is a spiritual activity, as we are giving it is given.


Truth Message: “Sufficiency.” Feeling we have enough money, friends, comfort, food, rest and so on usually feels good. We know the contrary sensation and experience of not having a sufficient amount of energy, supply, fresh air et cetera. In our conversation on sufficiency what usually comes to mind is having plenty of what we need and require with some wants mixed in.

My son is feeling under the weather and he is healing. He needs self care and to take antibiotics. Plenty of rest, water, low stress and eating healthy foods will support his healing process. There are things we can do when we have a need or feel lack in some way. Along with this, we hold the belief in sufficiency. There is a sufficiency of life-energy to heal. We each have enough wisdom to rest and allow for restoration. We can agree with the idea of taking care of ourselves and let the Divine avenue of love, life and power flow in and through our entire body, mind and spirit. 

These things include God on our mind and in our heart. To recall God, the Kingdom of all Good is for us non stop, continuously. And with God all things are possible, healing takes place: We receive an idea that prospers us; and we are supplied the needed money or whatever is required for having a sufficiency that fills and satisfies the demand or requirement.

We keep these spirit-filled thoughts ever close to us and live from them, believing in them. God is our sufficiency in all things. The Divine Spirit shows up as inspiration flowing through us, as a raise in pay, as opportunities and open doors to our good available to us. Our Divine all-sufficiency may show up in an uplifting book we are drawn to. Or a friend offering words of encouragement that guide us to be accepting and ready to receive the Divine good we seek. 

We recall the Truth statement — the sufficiency, ‘the answered prayer and supply which I am seeking is seeking me.’ The Good we desire is already here for our taking. Keeping an open mind, letting Divine light guide our way and opening our whole self to receive and give are congruous with ‘acceptance of our sufficiency at hand.’   

We open in prayer within ourselves and ask, knowing we receive Divine help and the prosperity, energy, healing life, or endurance we need to make way for the pouring forth of the Kingdom of plenty, to fill the moment with the plentiful supply and demand being met. Thank you God for the all-sufficiency of your Presence and Power ever with each one of us as the Truth and reality of our being, Amen.


Truth Message: “Active Motivation.” Here are some trusted keys to unlock the power of motivation inside us when we feel blocked, unambitious or are experiencing some other block — when the goals and dreams make themselves known in us. What’s more, they do not go away. They nag us to move on them. 

As a companion of help, I have entered in ‘Prayer of the Day’ Category a Daily Word on ‘Motivation.’ Use the prayer along with these guiding pointers to success.

First: Number one priority is Love and appreciate yourself and the desires and dreams you have. Two: What has motivated you into action at those times in your life when the impetus to move was absent? Then the stimulus rose up and you got on with the needed action. What helped you get-up-and-go? Three: Feel worthy and deserving to unfold and accomplish your hearts desires—your goals, hankerings, calling and work.

Four: Ask for help from God, from trusted and wisdom filled friends and/or coaches, ministers or counselors, or a respected leader in your community. Five: Write out your feelings around the lack of incentive for action. Along with this, impress upon yourself why you want to move into action. Plus how will you feel in the middle of accomplishing your dream? Include how you will feel when accomplishment of your goal occurs?

Six: Visualize, sense, speak and feel: Make a success affirmation and write it on a 3 x 5 index card of the successful completion of your dream, goal or desire of your heart. Seven: Get into action in some meaningful way to further the accomplishment of your project, task, dream or desire. Importantly, every minute, each 5 or 10 minutes or so taken to further your dream dance with happiness, pat yourself on the back.   

Eight: I emphasize, it is energy producing to praise every incremental, each step you make toward the doing, the fulfillment and the work of bringing your dream of your heart into manifestation. Plus, it is essential, clearing and cleansing to forgive any reason why you have not moved forward.

Nine: Emphatically, celebrate the completion of your efforts and the accomplishment of your steps and actions that lead to the dream becoming a reality. One more thing: Ten; God/Divine Power and life that lives, heals and moves in us and around us is ever and definitely always for us and our heart’s desire.

In summation — These are some successful keys to unlock and provide the incentive to bring us to action and release our inner potential and active motivation.

 An effective affirmation is: “The great works that have begun in me, God sees me through to successful completion.” In oneness with the Divine Presence, Amen. 


Truth Message: “Thriving Skills.” Suppose we feel the summer ‘glums?’ Pema Chodron has this to say: “Whatever pain you feel, take it in, wishing for all beings to be free of it. Whatever pleasure you feel, send it out to others. In this way, our personal problems and delights become a stepping-stone for understanding the suffering and happiness of all beings.”

Terrific advice. The quote was taken from her little booklet entitled “The Compassion Book,” Pema Chodron author.

So, one good thing we can do when having the ‘glums’ is feel it and not run from it. I’m not saying to get stuck or sink with the feelings. Indeed, Jesus, the master teacher’s message to almost anything is “lift up.”

Lift up and know God is with you as your saving grace — is great. We might ask when feeling down, “how do I lift up?” 

Let me share some things I do. First I feel what I am feeling. Also what I may be wanting instead. Sometimes I will begin exercising and moving in some healthy way. I may go to the bookshelf and begin reading from one of my favorite Truth teachers, like Joel Goldsmith, Pema Chodron or Catherine Ponder. Sometimes reading the Daily Word will lift my spirits.

Or, I will begin giving something or give a blessing to another. Pema is so right–the human experience includes both pain and delight, happiness and sad times, productive and slower times in our unique lives. 

I also like to connect with a dear loved one and ask for a hug or open to give a hug. Hence I connect with myself and or others and do not forsake the authenticity of my emotional, physical or mental state whatever it happens to be at the time.

Another choice may be to sit quietly and tune into the ‘within.’ I still and am receptive to guidance, love and feeling God’s presence; which by the way is ever with you and I. 

The rest I leave up to you dear capable being. You have the answers within you and around you to lift up and tune within to the freeing spiritual nature and liberating present help always and immediately in your very space and midst. You are love and all-ways loved. May you feel comforted and at peace here and now. And so we let it be done, Amen. 


Truth Message: “Enveloping Presence.” I invite you to join in oneness as we know the Truth and speak of appreciation for the Divine Presence of Protection. 

In Prayer: I am one with the One Presence and Power God. The holy light and ever-available love covers me with a shield of divine light and Godly protection. I am divinely protected at all times and in every way. Including the physical; yet not limited to my physical abode. My home, land and belongings are under the absolute care and held in Omnipresent light and divinely protected at all times.

What is more, my loved ones are now and in all-ways divinely protected. No harm comes to them and no harm goes out from them. I see each dear and loved one acting in the highest wisdom and expressing unconditional and untainted love.

The light of the Divine Presence surrounds me; the Love of God enfolds me; the Power of God protects me; the presence of God watches over me; Wherever I am God is and all is well, Amen.

I am Divine light; I express saint like love; I am the power of the Divine in action; and I am in every way protected and provided for by God’s presence, power and grace. I am One with God now and eternally so, Amen.


Truth Message: “Quick Transformative Practices.” When its a cloudy day in consciousness, in our thoughts and feelings we can lift up. We have what it takes.

Light, love and laughter Heal. What is the most positive thing you can think of right now. You can feel it as well as think it. Know your creative thoughts contain the universal energy that grows seedlings into mature trees, plants, vegetables and flowering shrubs.

Our thoughts are filled with the light and substance of life. They manifest and do our bidding. So speak what is uplifting, beneficial and kind into being. Praise-filled loving thoughts toward our body, including our favorable thoughts and sentiments toward others create harmony within ourselves, our homes and in relationships of all kinds.

Thirdly, there are enough people already on the planet who have lived from laughter and healed in body, mind and spirit. They restored emotionally too. By lightening up, by filling with joy and laughing we are initiating the aliveness of transformative healing and wholeness inside our bodies and emotions.

Actually practice having times in the light. Perhaps it is by a window flooding the room with restorative light for our bodies and feeling nature. As a common practice in the summer in Houston Texas area I walk just before and during dusk. It is cooler with a mild breeze. I receive light, air and exercise. Sitting in sunrooms or light filled rooms in the morning getting the early light is helpful. Daily doses of light replenish our physical temple and attitude. 

Further, with love place your hand over your heart and begin to think and feel appreciation for someone or a gift of thoughtfulness someone showered you with. Feel love and appreciation for the good things and special people in your life. These practices transform us. Likewise, mix into your day many moments of joy and laughter. Think joy and laugh out loud. Look for interesting and laughable things during your day. 

With appreciation for the sake of benefiting ourselves and everything around us laugh with joyful enthusiasm because you can. Feeding our soul and life with light, love and laughter regenerates the impetus of life and gives birth to vibrant cells, prosperous living and inspiration that blesses for a lifetime and lifetimes to come. Thank you God for these valued gifts of healing, Amen.


Truth Message: “Give-Away.” Choose today or another day of your selection and be generous; give yourself away in some fashion. Donate to your local assistance ministry or food bank. They love donations for it enables them to buy needed items, things people have not donated. Give someone your spot in the waiting line for groceries, at the post office or other places.

A pastor’s wife I know came in the local post office today. She saw the line and turned toward the door to leave. I spoke up and said she could have my spot in the waiting line. She was thrilled. And, told me I made her day. I thought she gives and gives, time for someone to bless her.

Give yourself away today. Open doors for others. Smile even if they do not smile first. Buy someone coffee or a cool refreshing drink. Help a senior open their car door or in whatever way they may need assistance.

It’s almost the 4th of July. A time we as a Country come together to celebrate the United States of America and join in on our nations birthday born in 1776, 241 years ago. Is everything perfect. Of course not. We are still working out the kinks of our Democracy. Even still, we can come together and celebrate our differences in love and generosity.

Give yourself away in some way. It will spread good-will and feelings of being blessed and loved. The giver receives double and a warm sentiment inside. Have a great day and weekend.


Truth Message: “Pain as Opportunity.” We have choices in our response to pain emotional or physical. It is the preferred method to be fully aware of the pain and let it serve to awaken the healing power of God in every part and each cell of our being. Facing pain with awareness is not easy.

Realizing pain can be no simple matter; nevertheless, how we decide to heal is important to our wholeness and well being. We want to respond in a way that does not add to the problem or worsen our condition. 

Furthermore, when we focus on the spiritual power and presence here within consciousness and body, we begin to heal and have relief. Also there is guidance that comes with the wakened spiritual Source of our body, mind and expression. We have divine potential and energy at hand to heal and uplift pain into new awareness and blessings of wisdom.  

What’s more, there may be times when we need medical support. It is always wise if medicine is administered to know what it is and does. We need to be an advocate of our own healing and health. If medicine is necessary, I usually ask for the kindest for the body. The medical community is on our side especially with pain. Sometimes they may prescribe non prescription alternatives. They are careful in prescribing pain medication.

In addition, with any medical intervention we can include pray, meditate, and do healthy things to promote the healing power of the body. We can ask our faith community to pray with us. We may choose to open to our friends and family reaching out for support so we do not feel alone in any health challenge or painful situation.  Thank you God for healing life, relief from pain and the divine power and presence with and as each one of us, Amen. 


Correction to “Our Wild Side.” My wolf turned out to be a Texas Coyote. After looking up photos of a coyote and wolf, clearly the wild creature who made a quick visit to the edge of our woods where the backyard lawn begins was a coyote. He was still beautiful and wild. The same reasoning applies–they are moving closer into towns and populated areas most likely for food. Ironically, coyotes also go by the name prairie wolf or brush wolf. They possess similar distinctive traits and tendencies as wolves.

Truth Message: “Our Wild Side.” I just saw a wolf at the edge of our woods. We live about an hour northwest of Houston on just over an acre of land. The back of our property borders Catholic Church property with much vacant land for deer, foxes and other wild animals and birds to live. Most of the wildlife are deer and foxes, squirrels and some stray cats.  However this is the second sighting for me to meet with the eyes of a wolf on our land.

Southeast Texas wolves are lighter and smaller than north American wolves hanging out among the big timber and mountain regions of our Country. This wolf today lives in what forests and vacant land we have left in our vicinity. He looked hungry and looking for food. He probably is a scavenger when prey is infrequent.

I always feel blessed when I see a rare animal in a relatively populated area. The mix of natural animal and bird life are dwindling with the onset of increased subdivisions and land clearings for more building. Hence, it is a treat with a blessing in it. 

The wolf is known for his and her wild yet pack oriented nature. They are highly organized and intuitive driven. The wolves here in the Magnolia, Texas area do not feel threatening. They are more on the scale of a night raccoon getting into our garbage.

However this beautiful creature reminded me today of my wild side: The energy and intuitive capacity inside me. As the wolf, I love my dear ones that surround and support me in so many ways. I am loyal to these beloved family members as well. Perhaps the message of the wolf today is to honor the pent up energy and wild-like nature within. And when unleashed accomplishes beyond the norm and mundane.

Likewise our wild side along with the family bonding side of our nature both add to our well-being, success and sense of mystery. For some days it dawns on us how potently rich we are of wisdom, intelligence, creativity and love. Each of us is far greater than we think and feel we are. The wolf sighting helps me own the multidimensional and unlimited nature I am endowed and you are also powered with.

We wake up to our wild side and the potentialities of our nature waiting to be nourished, appreciated and expressed uniquely as you and me.  In thankfulness, Amen. 


Truth Message: “Higher Perspective.” “Happiness is the new rich; Inner peace is the new success; Health is the new wealth; and Kindness is the new cool.”

Happiness, the new rich. It sure is. Many a millionaire and billionaire are unhappy or miserable. Some really fortunate ones are satisfactorily contented. We can look at it from this angle—if we are in the flow of giving and being a servant of good and also are financially comfortable, we will be rich inside our life, mind and heart. We are at peace with ourselves.

Inner peace, the new success. What is the purpose of living as conscious beings? Perhaps to wake up to intangible spiritual qualities — such as peace that manifest as tangible reality and experiences, manifesting through our being in peaceful ways. Peace expressed and felt inside our being blesses and heals and changes things for the betterment of all.

Health, the new wealth. Many of us most likely have had health challenges. Usually in those times we are grateful for the occasions we have healed and have become fully restored. When our healing springs forth, we feel the great joy of the fullness of life once more. Our energy has returned and the life force inside completely present. We feel great wealth and well-being, a priceless gift of wholeness.

Kindness, the new cool. One spiritual idea known and expressed through us touches many and enlightenment awakens and becomes brighter on the planet, glowing outward into the Universe. Kindness has power to illuminate, adjust and bring order and prosperity to all. It cleanses a human and a planet. To express kindness is the call of the spiritually awakened ones. The time is now. Compassion the kin of kindness is the medicine to readily give and share abundantly with all, Amen.


Truth Prayer: “A Fresh Beginning.” It happens from time to time, we want to wipe the slate clean, we decide to refresh our attitude and discard any left over pain, doubts, blame and even conclusions drawn. Anything we have experienced particularly the painful memories can be altered and cleaned with the divine light of love and wisdom, Grace and desire.

Choose some important thing, perhaps a disappointing time in your life. We begin in our mind and ask what we want the picture in memory to look like. Redesign the outcome. See yourself as having grown since then. We do not remain stagnant in life. With each new experience and learned lesson we gain and strengthen in new depths of understanding and important insight into people and events.

This time in beginning anew picture the outcome first desired–everyone happy, the promotion received and the doors of continued harmonious relationships and successful outcomes occur and become the reality. Know this is so in your heart, mind and truth as it is now. 

Accept that you are a new person because of disappointments and things not going as pictured and desired. Keep knowing your greatness, maturity and emotional strength and good character.

Stand on holy ground and affirm self-worth, a compassionate filled heart, complete forgiveness for all — and a new experience of an old dilemma is repainted, redefined and redrawn in your heart and memory. It is possible, because the future is not dictated by the past.

Moreover, when we claim the value of any experience either good, not so good or neutral we have added to our whole nature. We are more prepared and better equipped to handle life’s challenging moments with positive belief in self and all involved.

We draw the people and necessary elements of successful achievement by maintaining a belief in life’s willingness to support us, belief in ourselves and in other people.

Also important in freshening our outlooks of past, current and future happenings is our willingness to do our individual part. If we are guided to improve our skills, gain valued job experience or take further educational classes and programs then we step forward, willing and eager.

We continue to do our unique part by asking and being grateful to receive helpful ideas and guidance for every area of our life and living.  

Step forth renewed and know you have gained from each and every experience in life whether successful outcomes or unsuccessful results, you have continued to enrich and build your soul, adequacy and self worth. 

I begin anew in this moment and set things right in my consciousness by seeing things aright and feeling it is so in God mind and my mind now. I can change the way I have viewed past experiences by seeing the good that has unfolded and by knowing the value of facing what has been and is before me to do. 

Thank you dear God for the inner power and belief that new beginnings are possible and wonderful successes are mine to claim at any time. I live in peace, gratitude and love, Amen.


Truth Message: “Spiritual Reserve.” Each one of us has a reserve of spiritual wealth in us. The divine potency within is also referred to as the ‘Kingdom of God Within you.’ It is the stream of spiritual insight, power and regeneration moving, coming into conscious awareness when we call on it and let go and surrender our ego.

Our spiritual reserve flows forth and expresses through and out from us by grace and simply because we are divine creations and heir to the fullness of our divine being at any time. It is ever present now fully ready to shower, renew and be known as us.

Our spiritual reserve consists of the innate ability to set ourselves free from burdens, negativity and limitations of any kind and at any time. The treasure of the Kingdom of God as we recall is in our midst. It is present and awake in us.

The Kingdom of God within is our ability to forgive and let go to let the divine will of Good unfold in and through us and our lives. It is the ability and decision to start over, begin again in the moment.

To become new and release with the past is a now decision. I open from within and let divine light flood my entire being and life. I begin anew in the eternal now. I am fresh and have a clean, wiped slate. I am refreshed and renewed.

Also affirming blessings for people who trouble us. Think and feel divine good and wonderful things unfolding in their lives. Believe everyone deserves prosperity, happiness and fullness of life.

Repent for our own mistakes and missteps. It’s OK to accept the current of constant forgiveness and love available in the center of us. As we believe it is here and are receptive to let it be, let it do it’s uplifting and healing work in us and in our lives — it does it without delay. 

We have the quality of living from divine ideas that bless, uplift and raise up ourselves and all others. Divine ideas such as wholeness, well-being, joy and peace plus happiness and comfort are known for one and all in and through me now, Amen.

What’s more, make use of the reserve power of your voice through the energizing source of the vocal cords. Affirm life, holy love, divine gracious action, and prosperity flourishing​ in you and your surroundings. Affirm and know the same godly greatness for all.

An abundance of spiritual reserve circulate around and in your life now. 

These are some of our inherited treasures at hand and as the truth of who and what we are as divine off-springs and expressions of God.


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Seasonal Message: Summer is here and warmer weather is being enjoyed by most of us in these United States. A time to shape up our yards, plant indoor or outdoor gardens, large, small or patio type. It’s also a fun time to exercise and enjoy the outdoors, to travel and visit arboretums, botanical gardens, and nature sanctuaries. Summertime can offer more leisure occasions to vacation and replenish in every needed way. Delight in time off from your day to day work schedule this summer.   


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A Blessing–Wherever you are know there is a blessing within you and enveloping your life. Psalm 145:2 states–“Every day I will bless you.” Knowing this is so, feel the certainty of the blessing. You have a Divine endorsement and God’s approval is written in the cells of your being. Sense the power and grace of a blessing continuously inside you and with you.

Just as there is no place where Divine Presence and Power are not; the blessed inheritance of an Infinite Higher Power is intimate to you and flowing forth from your inner life Source and outer experiences.

Through the word of truth I accept my divine good.


Summer Ideas to Refresh and Circulate Good

Walk and exercise at an indoor exercise facility. Local Community Colleges offer affordable and discounted membership fees to local residents for Gym and indoor walking track access.

Enjoy the outdoors whenever possible. Another idea is to visit an indoor florist or nursery and enjoy the beauty. Or observe uplifting photos of flowers, greenery, and arboretums.

Keep the mind on grace in action by giving thanks for at least 5 things in the day.

Donate to your favorite local Social Services Ministry summer and fall clothing, jackets, light blankets and sheets for children, teens and adults. Whatever you wish to circulate or have excess of give.

Treat neighborhood seniors or homeless children and adults to healthy breakfast, lunch or snacks.

Prepare a summer basket of fresh and healthful fruits, snacks and fresh produce then give to a neighbor, local food bank or volunteer as a thank you gesture.

Gift a family in need a dinner, casserole, roast chicken, mixed fruit or another anonymous gift of your choice.


Resource Section: What You Feel, You Can Heal; A Guide for Enriching Relationships, John Gray, Ph.D. Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Am? by John Powell, S.J. Counseling Resource: Prosperity and Spiritual Life Coaching available. Contact Rev. Frieda King for an appointment by phone. Spiritual resource: http://christianscience.com/prayer-and-health/inspirational-media/your-daily-lift. The Prospering Power of Love, By Catherine Ponder.

New Resources posted: www.dalailama.com/messages/compassion. http:// www.joelgoldsmith.com/meditation.html by Joel S. Goldsmith of The Infinite Way. Jesus in Blue Jeans; A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality, by Laurie Beth Jones. https://www.eckharttolle.com/article/Spiritual-Awakening-Of-Eckhart-Tolle. Prayers of the Cosmos by Neil Douglas-Klotz. http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/the-most-delightful-therapy-ever-offered-was-free/. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-16452/6-simple-meditation-techniques-for-real-people.html

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April 30, 2017 — Gave the Sunday meditation and message at wonderful Unity Circle of Light in the Woodlands, Texas. It was a sheer delight to be with the Church community of people at UCL on Sunday.  

September 13, 2017–Opening Inspiration by Frieda King of Steel Magnolias Women’s Group. Steel Magnolias Location: Friendship Center Conference Room at 1:15 pm. I will discuss the 2017 November and December Magnolia Drive & Giveaway, items collecting and pending donations. We meet in the West Montgomery Community Center on Friendship Dr., Magnolia, TX 77355. Preliminary plans in the works for the 2017 Annual Community Drive and Giveaway.

September 06, 2017—Discussion and Topic: “Back or Forward to Spiritual Basics.” Topic question: What are your personal spiritual basics? What helps you stay focus and centered on God? Rev. Frieda, Facilitator. Women’s Prayer Gathering at the Friendship Center, Conference Room, 9:30 — 10:30 am, Magnolia, Texas 77355. Topics are inspiring, spiritual and for every day. Bring a friend. All are welcome at the Friendship Center.

You may submit comments and prayer requests to my email address listed on the contact page of this website or at revfrieda@gmail.com. I am honored to pray with you. All prayer requests are strictly confidential. For prayer requests 24 hours a day, you may contact silentunity.org or 1-800-now-pray (1-800-669-7729).

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