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Today’s Quote: “I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside.” —Wayne Dyer 

Prosperity Affirmation: “Prosperity is one with health; that is, there is no exhaustion of vitality and energy in bringing prosperity.” —Annie Rix Militz 

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Writing is my lively-hood and I ask you to credit me if you use my thoughts or ideas and quote my writing.  Please do not copy my words or ideas without quoting and giving credit to the author, Rev Frieda King.


Truth Message: “The Difference is You.” 

There is a quote by Marian Wright Edelman stating: “Understand and be confident that each of us can make a difference by caring and acting in small as well as big ways.” Yesterday all across American and around the world women went to the streets to their nearest cities and to Washington D.C. They made their presence known and carried posters in conveyance of messages important to women’s health and well-being.

Their intent was to voice their concerns with some political issues and agendas. They were worried and frustrated, deciding to act in the highest manner and direct their energy in ways which would make an impact on Washington D.C. politics and policies being proposed.

No doubt, I wanted to be a part of the March on Washington. However, deciding the last minute to stay home and support whomever participated through prayer and via Facebook. I believe my interest and support of the March helped the participants.

Whatever we choose to put our energies in, believe it makes a difference. It is a good thing to be part of the political system. Our US Constitution encourages and stands by the individual American citizen.   

Yet, politics may not interest us. Whatever does, do it. And know you make a mark and are valuable in your actions and with your presence and power. Life needs each one of us. As it turned out it was the best divine order I stayed home this weekend for our son’s dog became quite ill. I was able to support both our son and the doggie while upholding our son through conversation and by messaging. 

Every day when we ask for Guidance and wisdom to do what is ours to do, our intent and sincerity make a difference. In asking for insight, we call on Divine light, the higher path to be known. It can be through a flow of spontaneous ideas and actions, flowing from the best within us, then guiding our steps and energies to right action.

It is surprising the difference we make when we know we move from a well-spring of spiritual values and motivations and are moved to support a stranger, perform a normally challenging task effortlessly, and do some things making way for grace upon grace to unfold in another’s life.

In joining with a strength within, based on pure giving without thought of reward or return, we are a free agent of good operating in the world “caring and acting in small as well as big ways.”

Likewise, we may never see the results of our actions and acted-on insights. Nevertheless, the confirmation is felt inside us, knowing we are one with the stream of altruistic love, giving and being harmonious with a divinity that heals, transforms and multiplies as it is given an avenue of expression — you and I. The difference is you and unity with the beauty within yourself.   


Truth Message: “Faith & Belief Simplified.” Books go into great lengths in explaining our belief system and Faith capacity. The New Testament talks of both as very significant to becoming enlightened, free and as Maslow stated, Self-Actualized. My intention in this writing is to relax and talk straight and simple about these two wonderful qualities of being–within everyone.

Beliefs — at birth our soul probably contains some. Even though, we have a clean slate and begin anew in forming and developing our convictions, tenets, mind sets, loyalties to some ideas, precepts and views. We have influencers to help or hinder us in some cases.

Not to be concerned–we have astonishing capacity to observe our beliefs playing out and to modify, drop and change our beliefs. We have the power and mental and emotional equipment to be aware of and shape our beliefs to harmonize with the hum of the Divine Nature in us.  

For, we have amazing inner gifts and the power to reform and revise any belief. Keep in mind too, some beliefs arise from an all-knowing wisdom inside us. They come effortless and contribute to a healthy minded belief system. This may be from past lives spiritual work or the current gifts of this lifetime because of influences of spiritually minded people. Also our own study and openness to receptivity to what beliefs are in line with our true and untainted spiritual wisdom within.

What is exciting is each of us has access to the Divine flow everywhere present and of all time. That meaning we can receive ideas from Universal Intelligence and be lit with an intuitive message uplifting us in a twinkling of an eye. It can be as easy as a neighbor in deep, holy prayer and we pick up on the energy and it adds to our own. 

Thus, we are each amazing beings. We can change a limited belief, redesigning it to align with joy and grace. We can raise our viewpoint and feel compassion and enthusiasm that moves us to rewarding success and accomplishment.

In the succeeding Truth Message titled “Personal Beliefs” it is explained further how we notice and change beliefs.

During our lifetime, we are forming and revising our belief system. Likewise, over the duration of our lives we develop and deepen in our religious and spiritual, beliefs and tenets. We are forever in a flow of evolutionary growth and inner development. Yet, we can live peaceful and patient with the process of learning and enriching inside and out.

Onto Faith — I hold the belief of Faith as a divine power within us. Our journey is waking up to the tremendous energy and shaping power of our faith capacity and gift in us.

Faith is a power and potential to draw from the unformed invisible substance into the world of form. We manifest according to our faith and belief. When we combine imaging and visualization with faith and knowing we demonstrate and are blessed with the unfoldment of the highest and the best. We want to hitch our faith to the highest and most harmonious in our life and living to unfold.

This might seem like a contradiction. However, the less outlining and the more we give into the higher wisdom with faith we know the best and most blessed outcome will and is taking place in our lives. For instance, when I stopped outlining the certain color of car I wanted and let the highest wisdom within and everywhere bring me the most suited car for me, with ease the perfect car landed in my lap. Oh, we can prefer a certain color and be flexible if a different color car well suited for us manifests.     

Also when we have tapped into the vibration of faith within and receive a glimpse of its light, we move forward and become lighter and give of a Divine Light.

Faith is a point of power in us. It is our capacity to trust, believe in, to have inner confidence and conviction. Our personal credo and ideology comes from inner faith taking on shape and soundness within us. Faith is a strong place within from which our dreams, ideas and sense of purpose unfold.

Bless your Faith capacity; it is a Divine gift, God given. In prayer and contemplative moments we may realize an inner light within our body. It is the energy and aliveness of the spiritual Source of power to believe, have faith, uplift, accomplish and give beyond our humanness.


Truth Message: “Personal Beliefs.” We each hold personal beliefs, according to what influences we have had. Our beliefs are formed and may be unformed, shed or revised as we mature and grow in awareness and understanding. In addition some of our held beliefs deepen. For instance, our faith in a higher power may become stronger. Our belief in eternal life may feel more certain.

When I began seminary one of my professors assigned each of his students to write down our beliefs and hand them in. His intent was to keep them in a safe place and return them to the student a few months before graduation, about three to five years later. The teacher’s desire was for each of us to notice how knowledge, experience and contemplation on things and principles of a spiritual nature would shape, change or confirm our individual beliefs. 

When Martin Luther King gave his heart-felt speech in August of 1963, he trusted his audience to listen and be motivated by his genuine trust in the capacity of humankind along with the inner human need and desire to live free and reach their full potential. 

He held a deep belief in God and in the inherent call of freedom in every soul. Get to know your beliefs not only the ones you may have formed in Sunday School, from the pastor or authority figures. What beliefs do you hold to be true? Some of you may remember how I came to realize the need to change my belief about punishment. That is, if I err I most likely will be punished or have to pay the consequences of my actions. The latter rings true because of the law of cause and effect also known as the boomerang effect. 

However, the moment I opened to the light of greater knowledge of Universal Principles known as Divine Practices, verities and beliefs, I began to change the belief in punishment. There is still an accountability and consequences to our actions. Yet there is also forgiveness and unconditional love. The moment we turn to Divine Light, the Christ or God Light we are forgiven.

The teachings of the spiritual giants and masters of the ages speak of liberation through grace and repentance (or changing our ways). They talk of and demonstrate freedom in Self forgiveness and in releasing another from the grips of bondage, hatred, condemnation and non-forgiveness.

Give yourself the opportunity of writing out your beliefs. We may want to sit in quietness before we do. When we let the beliefs we hold flow onto a sheet of paper or on a blank sheet in our PC or tablet, we are writing the ideas we have formed and the beliefs we hold. We always have the God given and human right to examine and change our beliefs no matter how long-held they may be. My belief in punishment was due to be changed. You may hold some convictions begging to be more harmonious to what you believe today.

Importantly, when I changed my belief in punishment to the idea I am immediately forgiven and released of its effects, I became free. Moreover, I changed the belief of punishment to love, knowing I had the Divine right to learn from the experience and change my ways and live from grace, a healthier mind and heart set.  

Without a doubt, we are not required to write out beliefs in order to change them. Experience is a teacher and life out-pictures, sometimes all too vividly, our beliefs. You can notice a long-held mindset and decide to change the belief more aligned to who you are today.  

Another long held belief of some may be the idea of poverty being Godly. It is true poverty may be simpler and less cumbersome than having lots of money and possessions. Being poor however is no virtue; it can be very painful and cause great distress. I am only scaling the surface of the ideas of poverty and riches and the benefits and challenges of both. Will take up in another writing.  

When we open to wisdom and divine power in any circumstance we find ourselves whether poor, unhealthy, rich, healthy, middle of the road, challenged or living peace-filled, we are or continue to be emancipated by the knowledge and insight we receive. When we act on the light and new understanding realized, we experience freedom. 

Search your heart and mind and get to know the beliefs you hold. Look for how your beliefs are out-picturing in your life. Above all, know you already have the power within you to redo, change and upgrade any belief to better match what you hold as true today, independent of childhood beliefs or influences of others. In other words, what do I sincerely believe now? Likewise, notice how some of your beliefs have expanded and empower you.  Let me know if you have further questions or need support. 


Truth Message: “You are Flawsome.” According to the Urban Dictionary, flawsome is defined as “something that is totally awesome, but not without it’s flaws.” Doesn’t that sound like a humanly divine expression—you and I.

Even the most elegant and so-called perfect among us have flaws. What makes the difference for a person deciding to be successful in the face of frequent failure or odds? Or how does an individual growing up in a poor community or economically depressed area mature and become prosperous, healthy and happy even with many obstacles?

We each have lived through times in our lives when we wondered how we would find the will and strength to move beyond our challenges. Then we do. 

Importantly, its what we discover about ourselves and the reservoir of power we uncover innate within which serves to provide the motivation to apply the reserve of light within and partner with our ability to think thoughts and affirm words energized with holy movement and mountainous power,  propelling us forward, awesome and free of any flaws.

Its a focus on the amazing potential within us and not accepting appearances, the past, others opinions and negative thinking rule our hearts. We move forward, growing on enriched soil of mistakes, disappointments, limited feelings, even adverse circumstance, we step out with the impetus and drive to unfold and offer our inner treasures, our dreams and capabilities. 


Truth Message: “Facing our Source of Upset.” When we find ourselves struggling, mentally or emotionally, fighting someone or something in our head — and we can’t shake off getting hooked by what is repeatedly bothersome, its our unique choice what to do about the challenge. 

We can begin by having faith in our ability to act with wisdom and creativity in healing from the upset. If the challenge continues to be repetitive, the upset  keeps presenting itself as an opportunity for us to face it and heal from the inside out.  

I can give some ideas and methods that have and do help me shake off and transform something or someone potentially bothersome and upsetting. Yet, I want to suggest you think of some ways perhaps techniques and methods successful to you in past situations, moving you into release and freedom from challenges and disturbances. 

Some guidelines as to what avenues of healing we choose may be: The method or technique does no harm to you or another. For instance, I have punched sturdy pillows to release inner anger, batted tennis balls on tennis courts or on sturdy walls doing no harm to the surroundings, the wall nor myself.

What’s more, we want to let go of any blame of someone or something as the cause of our problem. We are the ones upset. It is ours to look within ourselves for the reason of upset and the strength and know-how to heal and restore.

Also, we can use our imagination and visualize the person we are upset with in an imaginary chair and tell them how we feel or how disappointed we are in them. In either of these practices, I follow the exercise up with journaling on the potential for good I see in the person and situation.

Importantly, I do any technique or releasing practice one with God and divine wisdom. In other words, we pray first inviting oneness with our Higher Power. So we are not alone and we are guided by Infinite Wisdom. Love is with us and overseeing us as we release the problem and transform our mind, heart and emotions.

Truth Affirmation: I face repeated upsets and inner disturbances, calling on the highest within me and choosing the release method with love and wisdom. I earnestly am motivated internally to release and renew to a state of inner and outer peace, creativity and good will toward all. Thank you Divine Presence and Power, Amen


Truth Message: “A Spiritual Wash.” I Shower with the fragrance of Divine Forgiveness and lavishly apply the loving lather of release from the outside physical to the inner components of my mental and emotional realms.

Saturating and soothing forgiveness cleanses any rejections, resentments and areas of obstructed love. I emerge renewed and sparkling, glistening with ringlets of the fragrance of love’s mighty magnetism of wholeness and reinvigoration inside and out. Free and unencumbered I move unimpeded by any barriers or detours to light-filled, perceptive and compassionate expression.


Truth Message: ‘Generous Universe.” “I am beautifully and appropriately supplied, clothed, housed and transported with the rich substance of the universe now.” The author of this quote, Catherine Ponder dedicated her Ministry to prosperity. Knowing the Truth about substance and affluence was her passion and practice she lived and demonstrated throughout her many writings, ministry and personal life. 

It is our joyous work to create and out-picture our definition of prosperity resembling our highest thoughts for material and spiritual manifest good. This is an individual thing worth our thoughts, feelings and actions about what prosperity looks and feels like to us. 

For today, keep an open mind to lavish happiness, well-being, harmony in relationships, creative available venues of expression and creativity tailor made to our gifts and talents, above all nurturing the feelings of love-kindness with God and people, the vast places and countless persons in the world and at the place where we each are centered. We focus on Divine thriving, the impossible becoming possible. Besides, those things that have irked us melt in the warm light ever lit and welcoming inside us. 

Positive Thoughts—I am satisfied in what I have prosperity wise, with being generous of heart and in circulating mental and material good, plus maintaining a healthy belief in greater than expected outcomes for the country, our neighborhood, and my personal life and family. Thank you God for your rich, instant, constant and abundant Source of everything Good. In plentiful gratitude, Amen.

Today’s prosperity declaration: “I am Open and Ready to Receive from a Generous Universe.” —Revfrieda


Quick Transformative Practice: If someone in your life is acting up — out of character — go apart and become receptive to divine understanding. Be open as a dry river bed, willing to received needed sustenance, inner wisdom to carry you gracefully forth in your relationship with another. Before leaving the place of quiet wisdom within ask for loving blessings and a true feeling of harmony between you and another. See each of you as holy expressions united in Christ-like understanding and compassion — feeling gratitude for divine understanding blessing your mind, heart and relationships beyond measure, Amen. Persist with openness to higher insight and love.


Peace Meditation: “Quiet Mind.”
I quiet my mind and listen within. I find inner peace.

“My meditation may start with reading a Daily Word message. I close my eyes and repeat the affirmation in my mind. When my mind wanders, I bring my attention back to the affirmation. This practice sets a peaceful intention for my day.

“Other times, I meditate by focusing on my breath. If thoughts arise, I observe them and return to my breath. A radiant presence may emerge from the depths of my being, leading me into my inner space of light. At my spiritual core, nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul.

“No matter how I meditate, I connect with Christ within. I let go and trust the unfolding of my true nature.”

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.—Psalm 19:14 


Truth Message: Joy’s Ever-presence-–Today in whatever place you find yourself actually and emotionally, still in the moment and feel the energy of the faith as potent as a mustard seed; come into the peace nestled in your heart of hearts; accept the transforming love so near in you as your companion of well-being; and live in the joy, an alive essence of your nature. Rejoice often!


Truth Message: “Our Nest of Peace.” There is a story of a great man who called for paintings portraying tranquil peace. A high price was offered to the artist who revealed serene peace in their art.

Many paintings were looked through by the esteemed man who called for the peace-filled art. Finally he chose the painting depicting superb peace. However when onlookers observed the painted picture, they could hardly see peace apart from the stormy water, surrounded by jagged mountains and overhanging dark threatening clouds. The picture looked opposing to serenity.

When questioned why he chose the particular piece, the man replied: The prized peace we each seek is not necessarily found in the perfect surroundings. The valued peace we search for can be found in the center of turmoil and strife. It may be found in the most obscure surroundings, situations and people.  

The man went on — look deep into the painted scene. There is a forsaken tree growing out of the side of the mountain wall alongside the body of water. See deeply into the frail hardwood. Find baby birds nestled in a nest created to house the offspring’s in enveloping calm. Here in the middle of disturbance and discomfort, we have peace.

Great peace is abiding within us at our core: The peace uncovered when we instinctively travel beyond the turmoil and distractions. Then we find the nest of sustaining peace inherent in us,  coloring our environment, circumstances and state-of-being in peacefulness.


Truth Message: “In the Nature of Love.” “Love is the only appropriate choice for everything we may experience.” Think for a moment about the blessedness of love in your life. Secondly, think how life would be if you did not know of the power of love.

We are told of a great love in the Four Gospels. Actually, Jesus committed his entire ministry, his whole life to love.” Another point, suppose the scripture had not included in Luke 23:34: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do?” According to the Gospel writers this verse is known as the first word Jesus spoke from the cross. He was expressing a Godly love. Likewise, he tapped into the dynamic power of love which sustained him in these last and dark hours of his earthly life.  

The spiritual giants throughout the eons of time emanated a Universal Love not out there somewhere; they felt it within themselves and then expressed love in all they did. Love is a quality of Divine Spirit we each have inside ourselves. Not one of these masters, saints, holy people put a patent on love. They freely gave it. And many times gave us the instructions, demonstrated through their lives how to give love fully and as though there was no bottom to love. 

For as we share love, we receive even more. Sometimes certainly we feel depleted of love. Those are the moments we are to open inside and receive from the infinite Source closer than breathing and in our midst. Love will renew us and fill us with love’s sustenance. It is an inside job to replenish with love. When we look outside ourselves to be filled and restored in love, it is not the sustaining love of Spirit: For instance, if we seek to fill our life with material things to gain love; or buy a new wardrobe to attract love; or maybe we seek out a person in order to feel loved.

Love is everywhere present. The truest Source, the most lasting way to know, be filled and renewed in love is found inherently in us. In quiet times, moments of contemplation, resting or being in nature, observing a beautiful scene, in meditation and stillness, even in those moments of tears, sadness and holding a baby, a loved one, or a friend in grief — we feel love and are filled with love’s power and potential once more.

Unquestionably, people, pets, creative endeavors, and your giving spirit fill and restore you in the fullness of love. Mystical experiences, through uplifting stories, by turning within and seeking the higher power within, we find the one true Source of love. We feel united once again. I use the word ‘feel’ here for you, me, our neighbor and loved ones, any human being and expression of life cannot be separated for one second from love. It is ever with us and in the center of ourselves. Love surrounds us in its embrace eternally. 

Our real nature is love. Hence, whenever there is a sense of lack of some kind, in any upset in a relationship or misunderstanding, imbalance, the feeling of distance from a person or persons, it is a direct call to love by first feeling love within ourselves — Divine love. Then express it to our hearts content. Let love heal, adjust, restore and replenish. We let love loose to work seeming miracles in ourselves, in our lives and in the world.

Love is the choice, the power to touch and realize inside ourselves then step out and give the greatest gift we each have, ourselves and the unbounded love within us. 


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Seasonal Message: The cool and colder weather has arrived. Plenty of frisky feeling temperatures can be felt in December. So enjoy those outdoor moments of briskness and invigoration.    


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A Blessing–Wherever you are know there is a blessing within you and enveloping your life. Psalm 145:2 states–“Every day I will bless you.” Knowing this is so, feel the certainty of the blessing. You have a Divine endorsement and God’s approval is written in the cells of your being. Sense the power and grace of a blessing continuously inside you and with you.

Just as there is no place where Divine Presence and Power are not; the blessed inheritance of an Infinite Higher Power is intimate to you and flowing forth from your inner life Source and outer experiences.

Through the word of truth I accept my divine good.


Winter Ideas to Refresh and Circulate Good

Walk and exercise at an indoor exercise facility. Local Community Colleges offer affordable and discounted membership fees to local residents for Gym and indoor walking track access. 

Enjoy the outdoors whenever possible. Another idea is to visit an indoor florist or nursery and enjoy the beauty. Or observe uplifting photos of flowers, greenery, and arboretums.

Keep the mind on grace in action by giving thanks for at least 5 things in the day.

Donate to your favorite local Social Services Ministry winter warm clothing, coats, blankets and sheets for children, teens and adults. Whatever you wish to circulate or have excess of donate.

Treat neighborhood seniors or homeless children and adults to healthy breakfast, lunch or snacks.

Prepare a winter or holiday gift basket of fresh and healthful fruits, snacks and fresh produce then give to a neighbor, local food bank or volunteer as a thank you gesture.

Gift a family in need a dinner, casserole, roast chicken, mixed fruit or another anonymous gift of your choice.


Resource Section: What You Feel, You Can Heal; A Guide for Enriching Relationships, John Gray, Ph.D. Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Am? by John Powell, S.J. Counseling Resource: Prosperity and Spiritual Life Coaching available. Contact Rev. Frieda King for an appointment by phone. Spiritual resource: http://christianscience.com/prayer-and-health/inspirational-media/your-daily-lift. The Prospering Power of Love, By Catherine Ponder.

New Resources posted: www.dalailama.com/messages/compassion. http:// www.joelgoldsmith.com/meditation.html by Joel S. Goldsmith of The Infinite Way. Jesus in Blue Jeans; A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality, by Laurie Beth Jones. https://www.eckharttolle.com/article/Spiritual-Awakening-Of-Eckhart-Tolle. Prayers of the Cosmos by Neil Douglas-Klotz. http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/the-most-delightful-therapy-ever-offered-was-free/. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-16452/6-simple-meditation-techniques-for-real-people.html

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