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Today’s Quote: “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” —  Dalai Lama

Prosperity Affirmation: “I give thanks that I am now rich, well and happy and that my financial affairs are in divine order. Every day in every way I am growing richer and richer.”– Catherine Ponder

In Nutrition Corner:  Latest post on swapping good for the best Chocolate ice cream choice.  

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Truth Message: ‘Put it Under Grace.’  When something or someone seems beyond your power; if you are worried or powerless over a situation — put the concern, situation or persons under the divine law of grace. Know the Grace of God surrounds, enfolds and upholds the event, problem or circumstance and all persons involved. We can call on grace to protect and prosper a person or ourselves. 

Divine grace is our priceless gift from the divine Source of all good. It is the grace of God becoming manifest when we decree its presence and power in the center of and surrounding an individual, a concern or some place or thing.

The grace of God remember does not have to be earned. You and I are already blessed with grace and have direct access to grace upon grace. It is a quality of the highest expression of love and love-kindness from God. We are already divine and we are sufficiently one with divine grace.

Grace lifts things up, heals beyond human efforts, erases guilt, burdens and excuses. Grace erases our errors and gives us new opportunities and chances. Grace renews our energy and brings things into our lives and provides solutions well beyond our capabilities to do so. Grace does it and brings good into our lives with ease and effortlessness. It is seemingly miraculous. However let’s know it is God’s unseen power at work that becomes seen.

If something seems impossible to remedy, ask humbly for the Grace of God to work on your behalf or another’s behalf to bring about divine rightful outcomes. All are deserving, all are worthy of grace by divine right.

Decree: We stand in the center of power within ourselves and affirm the full potential of Divine grace is now activated and moving in and through us and all of our life circumstances and responsibilities. Thank you beloved divine Spirit, Amen.


Truth Message: “Realizing all that We Are.” Think of the fortifying ideas, beliefs, and sets of beliefs and practices you have acquired and developed.

We can be grateful to have become aware of them, welcomed them and incorporated these ideas and beliefs into our everyday living. We can think of ourselves at 20 and acknowledge who we are today.

Perhaps we have overcome anger, prejudices, and certain weakening beliefs. For instance, overcoming the habit of visualizing ourselves as poor or unable to do certain things. Also, look for a moment at your love capacity and how you have endured losses and come out more graceful and stronger in your commitment to heal, trust in divine love and open to a deeper love, which cannot be lost only united with. How about patience, kindness and resilience.

Give thanks for the qualities you have acquired and expressed up to now. How they have blessed and prospered you and brought you inner fulfillment and self-satisfaction. How they have raised up the people and loved ones around you. Be grateful for who you are and how you have grown in inner well-being and strength of character.

What’s more, there are new and regenerative ideas knocking at the door of your heart asking to be nurtured, developed and expressed. We each have them. With courage we accept the invitation to grow in our well-being and wholeness. Perhaps it is a daily physical exercise habit, a daily meditation time and spaces to fill our consciousness with total goodness. It might be a hobby wanting to be expressed through us such as painting or something else.

We are successful at birth; and we unfold this greatness at every phase of development. Likewise, we continue advancing and realizing the treasures of our being, more and more. In celebration of our inner prosperous wealth of ideas, divine beliefs that bless and heal, and strengthening qualities and attributes of being we show forth — we are so grateful!


Taking a Prayer Pause: In the midst of the moment I breathe and release the past and place my thoughts and attention in the now.

I focus on the breathe and feel a sense of letting go and feeling peace. I visualize my body centered and filled with white divine light. I am one with the true light of divinity.  

I encourage serenity to come over me and to bless my life in its entirety. There is such a peace in letting go and having faith in God’s care and keeping for myself and my dear ones.

I live, move and have my being in the presence and care of Divine Spirit. Thus, I believe in the power of absolute good flowing in and through my life and relationships. Those things that concerned me are now being perfected in the activity of peace here and how.

Pure spiritual energy goes before me as a light of love and prosperity, preparing the way. I meet with good and joy fills my life experiences and relationships. 

Thankfulness rises from within of gratitude for self-awareness and inner cooperation with divine blessings unfolding. I feel assured about all things and let peacefulness linger in and through my entire selfhood — mind, heart, emotions, activities and experiences. Tomorrow is already perfected in God mind and heart.

All is well with me and my world, thank you beloved God, Amen


Truth Message: Trusting the support of our inner Spirit, we know Divinity is the all-sufficient power supplying us and clearing the way before us of divine action realized. 

What we need to be aware of we are given. Enfolded in Loves protective presence, we can step forward confidently. Saturated with divine life, we have strength to do what is before us.

We are relaxed and hold trust, love, forgiveness and acceptance for everyone we are in contact with and give these same gifts of Spirit to ourselves.


Daily Message: “Road Trip.” Packing until there is nothing more that will fit; Loading and preparing the car; maps, trip tiks and travel guides, ready for enjoying travel. 

Road trips bring us close to the earth and reveal novel scenes, sun rises and sun sets. People look and talk common to their surroundings. All in all road travel and stops along the way bring new sights, adventures and people not known before. 

Road trips bring us face to face with our travel buddies and ourselves. It is up to us whether we make the trip happy or unhappy depending on our own feelings, thoughts and words. No doubt, it is a more pleasurable trip when one packs in their mind and heart forbearance and love-kindness. 

It’s fascinating, also stimulating and at times disappointing the different tasting water in the various locations across these United States. Likewise, the favorite dishes offered in each town, city and state bring surprises to the taste buds and an element of anticipation and curiosity to the trip.

Hunger may come over travelers at anytime during periods of road excursions. Also having to use the rest rooms can occur while the miles fly by with no relief for miles. Sometimes thirst creeps in and our inner voice or a loud outer voice from the driver may be heard saying — “Don’t drink too much liquid, we’ll have to stop more often. Those road trip drivers know how to go on and on; it seems forever before the next stop, finally offering time to stretch and refresh. 

Let’s make a promise, a commitment next time we are off on a road trip, however the length, to take plenty of happiness in our heart, much inquisitiveness in the mind and great joy in our face and body for the anticipated thrill of going to new places while enjoying serendipitous experiences. Most importantly we let ourselves feel deep in our feeling nature — ‘Wherever I am, God is and all is well.” Grace and ease are my constant companions and experience, Amen.


Meditation Moments: “The Harvest.” Express gratitude for the harvest times in our lives. The fall months of September and October are packed with increase, plenty and gathering the harvest. Harvest includes the blessings of increase, gifts, daily good, prosperity surprises and all things beneficial, including everyone in our life.

This moment is the opportune time to sing with happiness and be grateful for the presence of prosperity and the divine stream of expansion and multiplication always active and operating in and through you and I. In our individual lives, divine graciousness and plentiful abundance are supporting and providing for each of us in every way.

In the stillness become centered in thankfulness for the law of increase working and flowing into every single area and expression of your life. Feel the loving support of the creative power of plentiful increase now.

The Divine Unlimited Source is forever present within us and bestowing us with our daily sustenance and daily bread. With heartfelt gratitude, Amen


Daily Thought: “Prayer from the inside.” When we affirm and pray let it be from the inside. In the body, mind, heart or feeling nature, we speak, whisper and know the highest truth we are aware of. We are reminded of the Emerson quote — “Prayer is the contemplation of life (of facts) from the highest point of view.”

We declare: God is in us and we are in the Divine Presence and Power.” We want to journey within to the brightest light and the deepest place. We know peace is indwelling, power is invisible and in the interior.

We pray from our heart one with Divine love, remembering our wholeness and the well-being of those we pray for. Even if circumstances, facts and labels say differently. Then we let it be and praise the Divine reality of pure power, exceptional wisdom and a light innate, shining through each word of truth and bringing the highest vibration and substantial life into being.


“Truth Message:” When challenges land in our lap. Some of them appear scary at first: What if I lose this or that? What if there is no solution? The highest thing we can accept when problems  present themselves is to know we are not alone. We have our Higher Self within us and at hand. As we do this, we have a greater chance in drawing people and ideas to us, matching the highest and best solutions.

Another choice we can make to help ourselves in challenges is to feel whatever we are feeling. While at the same time knowing they are only feelings, not our whole self and not reality — they are feelings.

When troubles confront me, I do listen and notice the feelings coming up. However not stopping there, I begin thinking the word peace and invite peace to be felt in me. At least we can let peace in our conscious awareness, in our body and be present with us in the midst of solving the problem. 

Another thing we can do is what we can. What might we do to be one with the solution. We may open to inner guidance from our Higher Nature. Being in tune with the inner voice and light of Divine guidance will provide us with what to do or not to do next. Hence, we can stay tuned to our Spiritual Self and follow the Divine Light.

Further, it is beneficial in moving through any challenge to hold the finest, the best picture or image in our mind of the greatest outcome and resolution. It feels good to hold what we want instead of furthering more of what we don’t want.

Besides, the picturing power of our mind will hold some image. Why not the highest and the best imaged successful remedy and path for the most satisfying solution.

We are so much more than our problems. We have handy attributes inside us waiting and responsive to us in solving our problems, bringing the best possible resolutions about.

Consequently, feel confident about how masterful you can maneuver through puzzling situations and disruptive occurrences. The qualities within us love to work for us and on our behalf in creating a grace-filled and empowered life. 


Daily Message: “Each day is extraordinary.” — Perhaps on the surface the day seems normal. But is it? Thank God the natural world and the universal motions keep our planet, other heavenly bodies, including our own Solar System harmonious and in a Divine Order motion.

Sit for a moment, tuned within. Is there anything common about the workings of a human body, mind and all it takes to move and be active, create anything, even eat. Our human body and mind are exceptional and perform most of their operations in the invisible and automatically. 

Furthermore, sit for some moments and place one hand on your belly and the other on your heart. These two areas are a lifeline, keeping us alive and well. When we go more deeply we can perceive an unseen power within and underneath the mighty performance of the physical—a non-physical dynamic energy of life, making it possible for ‘this moment of awareness and conscious expression. None of which is ordinary.

Therefore, in the light of our magnanimous and remarkable nature, giving thanks any time and often for our totality and incredible life expression seems appropriate.   

In stillness I express gratitude for the visible and invisible workings of my life. Not only my own, for all life expressions in their varied forms, shapes and dimensions.

I am grateful for the day and the exceptional opportunities already prepared for me to live and have a magnificent day. I am thankful for life and for its motion everywhere!


Spiritual Practice: “Full Spiritual Power.” (I allow myself to take on the activity and aliveness of these truths). I relax coming into the moment, fully engage in the now. I breathe deeply and release anything and everything but the present increment of time. In a cleansing sweep, I am set free from thoughts and feelings, moving into the activity of loving action. 

The full spiritual power of love is in motion in my life and forgives all unforgiving thoughts, ideas and experiences. I completely neutralize any unforgiving feelings, erase them from my heart through the current movement of grace — clearing and freeing my entire self. I am in the present free and new.

I stand in the presence of light and hold a new vision of my body as well and completely free of discord. I liberate the body to be its healthy, vibrant expression. I am new and stand in the luster and life of my Christ nature, whole and renewed. I take some moments to be in meditation, tuning into stillness and serenity.   

I drink deeply of the Christ life, peace and power, knowing these are the inner qualities living as me now. I give wholehearted thanks for Divine absolute goodness and well being as vitality, coming through and filling the body, mind, emotions and entire consciousness, Amen


Truth Message: “Hear.” “Listening is a present you give yourself and others.”  We can make today fulfilling and special by listening. Hearing influences so many facets of our life — listening to the sounds around us and within us, help balance our state of being. Earnestly listening to a child, an adult, anyone makes others feel respected, valued.

When we tune in and take in another person, hear their words, tone and expressions we are uplifting them. We express positive energy to another by listening to them. We feel better and they are heard. 

Pledge to be a listener. It takes practice with high rewards of feeling good and validating others. Listen to yourself, listen within and feel your intuition guide you. Really listen within for the clearest message. Listen to nature and be renewed. And listen to others for soul satisfaction all around.

Be blessed today through your interest in others and yourself by listening and hearing.


Truth Message: “Invisible Prosperity Becomes Visible.” One valuable quality of feeling prosperous and living a prosperous life is realizing prosperity takes place within us first. Where — in the invisibility of our mind and heart, in the beliefs we have formed internally. Our wholesome beliefs, thoughts, feelings, ideas and emotions combine together and bring about in the world of actuality a prosperous life. As within so it is in the outer. 

Therefore it is paramount to hold robust beliefs toward your worthiness, right and willingness toward prosperity and to cooperate with the prosperity process always taking place through you from inside you. 

All the while, we remind ourselves prosperity is not only tangible plenty and abundant good. Prosperity includes living a purposeful, joyous and healthy life, rich with appealing and fulfilling work, friends, pets and dear family members. 

Actually, it began before you were born. You are already rich as a soul, spirit and body coming into this world. You come with immense richness, your shining Christ nature within, your special likes, gifts, abilities and capabilities.

Likewise, you come endowed with a body and mind created for recognition, communication, vocal ability, touch, smell, taste, feeling, inside and out and an unlimited capacity to learn, understand, create and love. This is but a small portion of the wealth already within the newborn baby. 

It is interesting how we have tremendous capability within as human beings. Yet, what makes the human being soar is its God nature and conscious recognition and union with its Divine nature.

In fact, living a prosperous life makes a quantum leap in us when we know it is not only the human impetus and power within that brings about the manifestation of a prosperous and satisfying life. It is when we merge, wake up to our Infinite Power of Spirit within when we begin to harmonize with the power center, the real invisible substance. 

Now our life is under grace and guided by Divine wisdom, powered by a spiritual love. Then prosperity flows like a river through us blessing our immediate surroundings, going on and on blessing humanity, the planet, reaching out, one with the eternal Light of the universe, everywhere present. 

A Prosperity Practice– Become still and feel not only your unity and connection with prosperity since before your birth, feel and know you are and always have been prosperity itself by right of your Divine Spirit and inherent holiness. This is the Source you and I and everyone else is one with, our individual abundant nature. 

Positively, we are already a prosperous being. Know this, believe it, fully wake up to the truth. Connect with the inner Source as you radiate your love outward, as you purchase, work, inspire, come up with inventions and creations, perform tasks, dream and realize joy from within you, sharing this joy with the world.

For we are meant to share our wealth with the world and to openly receive the wealth from each other.

I decree: I am a spiritual being one with the Source and one with abundant prosperity. I am rich and I behold the limitless and opulent Spirit and creative force within myself and every one on earth. I honor the vast capability and abundant nature within my being, my neighbors and all people and expressions of life. I am Prosperity Itself. In gratitude, Amen


Meditation Corner: *I meditate on the truth about prosperity — The Source and I are one. I sit in a clear consciousness of acceptance, one with these living words; I feel them. Prosperity words of truth are alive with Divine Essence and substance. I let them circulate through my whole self and life. In any exchange with people, with expressing and creating, I realize the Source moves through me as prosperity, life and light giving and being. Abundance naturally and easily comes to me. 

*The I in the prosperity decree is the universal I, connecting each of us and being known and realized uniquely in you and in your life.


Monthly Message: “September Musing.” With intent in the air and early mornings off to school or work — New Commitments begin in September. Actually we have an opportunity to begin anew with the New Moon at the top of the month, September 1st. 

In addition, we have a federal holiday soon into September on the 5th. Rest from your labors and responsibilities. When we give all over to the God of our being and every where present. May Sept. 5th be a day of peace and relaxation for all who work or serve others so we may have goods, services and greater peace of mind. 

What’s more, Patriot Day is September 11th in honor of September 11, 2001 and those who lost their lives during 911. Let’s join together for some moments in the silence at 8:46 am Eastern Standard Time on 9.11.16. In addition, Grandparents Day is also celebrated on September 11th. It is a day to recognize the special niche and role grandparents fill with their endearing love and wisdom bestowed to children and grandchildren.   

The Full Harvest Moon makes its way across our United States skies on September 16th. We can enjoy the harvest moon experience and give thanks for the Divine Power of multiplication that brings plenty into our lives. We can be grateful for answered prayer and increases in our finances, happiness, healings, and opportunities. Express gratitude for the harvest times in your life.

With September comes Oktoberfest starting on Sept. 17th and running through October 3rd. Check your individual state and locale for Oktoberfest celebrations and events.

Finally, fall officially begins on September 22. Time for fall clearing out, giving away or putting away some summer light clothes and bringing out our long sleeve tops, shirts and jackets. Also September brings the enjoyment of the fresh fall crop of harvested apples and freshly pressed apple cider.

Furthermore, appropriate to September, Family Health and Fitness Day USA is Sept. 24th. Check your local paper, doctor’s office and this website for additional information: http://www.fitnessday.com/family/.

Importantly, fully enjoy September and the prosperous experiences and opportunities awaiting you in the month of September 2016.


Truth Message: “The Time of our Lives.” What is important to you? It is said by many writers, motivational speakers and professionals, ‘do what you love to do.’ Yet there are some things in life we have to learn to love or find the love and or worth in it.

Steve Jobs wrote: “…It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” If that is true and we believe it is a top valued element in our life, then when we combine it with doing what we love, we have a good formula to live by–respect time and have the time of our lives.  

To do what we love sometimes takes stepping out of time to discover what our heart and intuition are relating or showing us what’s next. We step out of time when we become mindful of the now and notice the present. When we pray and experience the stillness of prayer time is not a consideration or measure. When we do those things we love and get absorbed in what we are creating, being and doing, there is no time only sheer pleasure. 

Therefore treasuring our time and loving how we fill our lives are partners of happiness and bliss. 

What are your favored things to do? What are some new ones you want to take on as the summer season heads toward the fall months? Ask another question too — What helps you continue to be filled with aliveness and freshness in living life? 

Here are some tips to be alive with life and keep loving and appreciating yourself as you do. If a negative thought about yourself comes across your mind, change it. Tell the truth about yourself. Relate some special qualities and characteristics about you that make you beloved. Some of us are great care-givers, others have giving natures and warm smiles that easily are given to others. We have gifts. Remind yourself of your endearing ones!

Remember what’s important in life. For instance, being creative, learning, connecting with others, eating clean and healthy foods, exercising and so on…. Do what’s paramount to you. It might not be significant to your neighbor, so what. If some things are important to you, how wonderful. Those things make you the special person of the universe that you are. 

Steve Jobs had a motto he lived by and readily inspired others with: “Stay Hungry.” “Stay Foolish.” Many people thought Jesus was nuts, out of his mind. He seemed to be the type of person who hungered for a better world for people. Certainly, for his era, he had foolish ideas to the leaders—political and religious. One was, treat women with respect and equally with men. Gandhi had what was thought of as a foolish idea—to give his countrymen and women independence from British-rule. He hungered for this.

In living the cherished moments of our lives we can keep before us a question — do we love what we are doing. And are we keeping before us some great ideas and possibilities to live by and bless other people with by our undaunted and high-minded thoughts and ideas. All the while, we can feel blessed by given time enough to love and be grateful for having the time of our lives. 


Daily Message: “A Mindful Minute.” Bringing awareness to my body and making any realignment or posture adjustments. I am alert to the environment around me. Is it soft, pleasant, neutral, calm? Also, am I cool, warm, or needing a sweater?

Am I quiet within, at peace or pensive? I continue alive with awareness and reflect deeply sensing light within me…… 

Perceiving more, I let mindfulness relax thoughts, bring acceptance to the surroundings, and let love emerge from the inner luster of being.

I naturally acknowledge the healing power in peace and co-create wholeness. I am still and relaxed…… Peacefulness is, Amen.


Truth Message “Respecting our Past” moved to archived Truth Message Category.


Daily Message: The fall air is beginning to be introduced and felt as summer yields to autumn and harvest-time. While daylight savings time is here, we can enjoy the outdoor light and beauty. Make plans to enjoy these last warm days leading to our colorful and cooler seasons.  


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A Blessing–Wherever you are know there is a blessing within you and enveloping your life. Psalm 145:2 states–“Every day I will bless you.” Knowing this is so, feel the certainty of the blessing. You have a Divine endorsement and God’s approval is written in the cells of your being. Sense the power and grace of a blessing continuously inside you and with you.

Just as there is no place where Divine Spirit and Presence is not; the blessed grace of God is intimate to you and flowing forth from your inner life Source and outer experiences.

Through the word of truth I accept my divine good.


Summertime Ideas to Refresh and Circulate Good

Take a dawn or dusk walk by the lake, river, beach, or place convenient to your home. Or walk and exercise at an indoor exercise facility.

Enjoy the outdoors and the fullness of summers foliage, flowers, greenery, and fancifulness.

Keep the mind on grace in action by giving thanks for at least 5 things in the day.

Donate to your favorite charity, summer clothing, light blankets and/or sheets for children and teens.

Treat neighborhood seniors to healthy lunches or snacks.

Prepare a summer gift basket of seasonal and healthful fruits, snacks and summer produce then give to a neighbor, a local food bank or as a thank you gesture to someone.

Gift a family in need a dinner, casserole, roast chicken, or mixed fruit.


Resource Section: What You Feel, You Can Heal; A Guide for Enriching Relationships, John Gray, Ph.D. Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Am? by John Powell, S.J. Counseling Resource: Prosperity and Spiritual Life Coaching available. Contact Rev. Frieda King for an appointment by phone. Spiritual resource: http://christianscience.com/prayer-and-health/inspirational-media/your-daily-lift. The Prospering Power of Love, By Catherine Ponder.

New Resources posted: www.dalailama.com/messages/compassion. http:// www.joelgoldsmith.com/meditation.html by Joel S. Goldsmith of The Infinite Way. Jesus in Blue Jeans; A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality, by Laurie Beth Jones. https://www.eckharttolle.com/article/Spiritual-Awakening-Of-Eckhart-Tolle. Prayers of the Cosmos by Neil Douglas-Klotz. http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/the-most-delightful-therapy-ever-offered-was-free/. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-16452/6-simple-meditation-techniques-for-real-people.html

Well-Being Minded News Web Address: Goodnewsnetwork.org. Good News

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