“Plenty for Everyone”

“There is plenty for everyone, and we bless and prosper each other.” —Louise Hay. I can remember the days when I would believe there was not enough money in my wallet, not enough income coming in, not enough to provide our family adequately. It was an ugly feeling. 

After such thoughts, I would not feel well. That is when I decided to stop believing in the idea of ‘not enough.’ I did cease to believe in the depleting idea. It took time and practice. I decided that day to give up the heavily laden belief in ‘not enough’ and believe anew, ‘there is plenty enough everywhere present for all people and each place in the world.

I established new thoughts and a fresh uplifting Truth belief in my mind and heart, “‘There is enough,’ an abundance of money, of cars of needed good in me, through and around all that I am and do, Amen.” There is enough prosperity in the world for each one of us, each nation, state, tribe, and for any community of people everywhere on Earth. 

Can you feel the liberating vibrations in the idea and belief in ‘there is enough money, substance and tangible good for us all, everywhere.’ Take North Korea currently. I know it is not pretty to think about the sad conditions of North Korea. It is helpful to set aside any judgement for now.

Certainly, one thing we can know for them is ‘they have enough.’ They have enough initiative, motivation to thrive and contribute in a worthwhile way to the world. I know this is a stretch. Yet it is better than the alternative—to have our thoughts and feeling upon the negative.

My dad who lived through harsh conditions in Germany told me a vital truth. That if people and countries do not and feel they do not have enough of necessary essentials such as food, medical requirements and what we call having their basic survival needs at hand. If they do not have this Dad would say, they will fight, go to war. There is truth to his statement. I understand the point he was making. 

We can do great good by knowing in our hearts the truth of God for us; to know there is enough and our needs are met on time and in divine order. We can know that for America, for our communities, for our American troops, for people disrupted do to severe weather and for all people everywhere. This is a Divine Idea of prosperity for all.

Jesus ministry and teachings relate and show the truth of daily supply and daily bread. He said the Kingdom of Heaven, of God is in our midst. Not off somewhere. Here with us and given to us in the place where we are, poured upon us. And so it is, Amen. We know this Truth freely for all people without judgement.

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