“‘Fall Falls'”

The phrase was coined by Tom Bird a Writer Whisperer. Most of us enjoy the autumn. Cooler weather is felt and color appears as red berries on some types of shrubs and as tree leaves slowly beginning to brighten the countryside.  There is another side to Fall. Especially toward the end of October. There are two months left to 2017. These two months are filled with three big holidays at least. 

And how about the projects and goals we wrote down and may have pledged to as the New Year 2017 began. It looked easy then to accomplish each one. However with two brief months left and celebrations to prepare for; ‘wow,’ will we have enough time to accomplish our promised work assignments and projected activities and intended goal list?

First things first. Relax. We are more productive with a clear mind and a relaxed attitude and limber demeanor. If anything is holding on tightly in mind or emotions, let up and let it out somehow. Possible ways include writing, playing tennis, walking, dancing, going to a sports event or talking things over in your mind and visioning ability between you and your spiritual and highly skilled, imaginary board of directors.

I like to write a list of important projects and individual tasks and assignments. On top of the list is centering in, knowing we are one with the greatest power and sweetest presence known, God, divine Spirit. By whatever name it is all-loving, wise and a relaxing agent when we join our power with the Holy Spirit power of right action. Said another way: I open and unite with the Holy Spirit power within me and everywhere present.

The Whole spirit of Divine wisdom, love and right action unfold in an orderly and divinely led manner. Every important thing gets done on time and in spirit led order in oneness with the executive team of spiritual forces within me and activated now in my life. I am ever grateful. And so it is, Amen.

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